Once upon a time...

What happens at school dances is magical. Such a charmer Zayn Malik is. Such a charmer...


2. Who is she?

*Zayns POV*

"Wait, when can I see you again?" I called out to her leaving back. "Darn". Then I noticed she had left her student ID card behind in the snow. Her name was Alexa Morgan, she went to the local high school, and she was in grade 10. I also noticed a flyer for a masquerade ball, this saturday. Maybe, I thought, I'll find her there. I went back to the hotel to find out that the boys were already there, and waiting for me. Damn it, I knew Harry wanted her, but I wanted her too. He can't always get the girl. "Hey Zayn, why did you lagv behind? We saw the dance class, and the blonde is an amazing dancer. Wait, what's that in your hand? " Harry asked me. "Nothing". "Yeah right. Let me see that." HE said. I handed over her student ID. "So how on earth did you get her student ID". " I bumped into her on the way here". "So what did she say?" "She didn't seem interested in anyone. She just rushed off to work". "And where does she work?" Louis asked. "I have no idea" I replied. "Well, while you were busy walking home, we found out that she works at the grocery store accross the street" Harry replied with a snigger in his voice. "Well, I'm going to go make MY move on her, and she won't be able to resist my charm . See ya later lads". Harry said as he left.

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