Once upon a time...

What happens at school dances is magical. Such a charmer Zayn Malik is. Such a charmer...


1. Here We Begin

One day, at dance class, something happened that might possibly have changed my life forever. Here we begin...

*Alexa's POV*

"And a 5, 6, 5678!" My teacher said. We were rehearsing a new dance number for the recital in a few months. All of a sudden, we saw faces in the window leading to the outside of the studio. We all stopped what we were doing and ran to the windows and closed the curtains to shouts of complaining from outside. "Hey, we're lost!' they said. "Yeah right".

After class was over, I was walking home with Shawn Desman's Dum Da Dum playing on my Ipod. I was tuning out everything and just singing. All of a sudden, I bumped into someone. "Whoops! I'm so sorry!!!" I said. " No problem, love" a british accented voice replied. I looked up to see the cute dark-haired guy that was peeping at my class earlier above me. "Hey, I know you...." " I apologize for creeping you. Harry had a crush on the instructor and wanted a better look at her. " " It's all right. My name's Alexa. And you are???" "Zayn Malik. Now may I ask where you are going right now?" "I'm off to work actually." I looked down at my watch. "And if I don't hurry I shall be late." I rushed off. I heard him say something behind me, but I don't know what. He was cute, I'll give him that, but between school, dance , and work right now, I don't have time for distractions.


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