Anything Could Happen

Whats the life for a 17 year old girl. When shes a model and the guy of her dreams shows up. Niall Horan. Will they love forever. Bella goes through the worst and best of times.
This book is a seris each book will be kinda short. But it will all make scene in the end. :) Enjoy!!!


1. Part 1

Im a model. My name Bella Stone. I love my modeling job. Im a victoria secret model. My eyes electric blue and my hair long wavy brown. Everyone says im beautiful. Behind the camera i guess i am.

I grab my change for the day. A bra and underwear. After i slip them on i start to curl my hair and then apply make-up. 

I hear a knock on the door, "Bella your turn." My manager says.

"Im coming." I say walking towards the door.

After we get set up we start to pose. I was with 2 girls named Victoria and Alica. We all went perfect together. Victoria and Alica had electric green eyes and i had electric blue eyes. I always had to be in the middle of the girls cause my eyes. It made everything flow. 

"Ok girls the photo shoot is over. But i need to talk to Victoria, Alica and Bella." The group manager said.

Everyone piled out the door. 

"Ok girls so we have decided you guys are our angels for the next shoot and runway show." 

We all gave each other high fives. Then walked back to get changed into some regular clothes. I put on my VS sweats and Love pink flowey T-Shirt. 

"Hey Bella." I hear Victoria say.

"Yea." I ask confused.

"You excited we are the angels?"

"Super excited cant wait" I said jumping up and down.

I walked out he doors and tumbled into my car. Live While Were Young turned on so i put it up full blast. I was so happy they were on this day keeps getting better and better :).

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