In The End {One Direction}

Louis was never ok with Niall's relationship with Marcie. He liked her, but there was nothing to do about it. After an almost-death happening with Niall, Louis finds the chance to escape his problems. Is this chance going to break everyone, or will it help him find his way?


28. Unwelcome Visitors

Louis' POV


I had found myself at the abandoned part of town. Abandoned as in no one was there because no one wanted to disturb the wildlife that lived here, according to the sign. Not because it was haunted or the usual myths ghost stories base themselves around.


It was a glorious sight here, well, if you took away the smell of dead animals. It was at the edge of the rural area and I could see the city beneath me.


I looked down at my watch and sighed. Aunt Janice would want me home in half an hour and it was a 45 minute car ride. It was late, however, so I'm hoping there will be a lack of cars in my way. Good planning Louis, good planning.


I stumbled over to the car, avoiding patches of wet dirt from the previous rain. Successful, I climbed into Uncle J's car and strapped the coffee cakes into it's seat so they wouldn't get crushed in any unexpected turns. The engine of the car started and I landed myself back onto the dusty trails of the high way.



After driving for 30 minutes, I pulled into the sidewalk in front of Aunt J's house. A car was blocking my way from getting into the drive way. I honked at it in agitation. In response, the car moved forward, allowing me to finally pull in. I could see Uncle Jeffrey sitting on his lounge chair with Aunt Janice's faint shadow. I could see more shadows as well. Guest. We have guest. Woo.


I hopped out of the car and that's when I realized why the figures of the shadows had looked so familiar. The voice rang through my head where a mental scar had been placed forever.


"Marcie?.... Marcie? Why are you here? Why are you all here?"


Her eyes widened like a lemurs. She left Niall's side and tackled me to the ground. "You're alive. We aren't delusional, you really are alive. I would kill you right now for leaving like that and making me cry but you're here!"


"Marcie. Wait, stop. Why are you guys here?" I pushed her off of me and got up. She remained, looking a bit temperamental.


"Harry! What the fuck man! I told you not to blow my cover." I could've punched him if Aunt Janice hadn't opened the door. She gazed around the scene in her front yard. 6 teenagers, or young adults, shall I say. 3 slightly normal ones, one in a wheelchair, one on the ground, and myself.


"Oh, Louis. What are you all doing out here at such a late hour? You'll disturb the cattle. Come in children, come in."


"Auntie J, we're not children." I rolled my eyes and walked over to Marcie so I could grab the coffee cakes that fell when Marcie knocked me down.


"Louis, what are you doing? Help the girl up." Aunt J scolded.


I heaved out an elongated sigh and pulled Marcie off the ground. "I like what you did to your hair... And your face." She smiled, wrapping her arm around mine.


"Liam, help Niall in please." He gave her a nod and did as she asked.


"I've gone crazy since you've left."


"Marcie, it's only been 3 days. It's not like anything has changed."


"Says the kid who looks like he could be the next member of Black Veil Brides. You could be Andy Biersack with less hair and a smaller facial structure." We both laughed. Her head rested on my shoulder. Her sigh was soft and quiet compared to mine.


I had to admit, it felt nice to have her around. She made everything calm.


She quickly released herself from my touch as we walked in. I took a seat on the floor as did she, next to Niall who offered her a seat on his lap. She declined, afraid she would crush his, or my donated kidney.


"So, Louis. Introduce us to your friends."

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