In The End {One Direction}

Louis was never ok with Niall's relationship with Marcie. He liked her, but there was nothing to do about it. After an almost-death happening with Niall, Louis finds the chance to escape his problems. Is this chance going to break everyone, or will it help him find his way?


20. Spring Hill

Marcie's POV


I wheeled Niall back in as he finally calmed down. I heard Harry shouting from the other room and stopped walking so I could get a clear sound.


"Louis' not dead," I finally made out of Harry's jumbled words. My eyes widened and I think I heard Niall gasp a little. 


"Louis decided to pretend to die so that, and I quote 'I do not want to be around the girl I love oh so much, when she's already found the love of her own' end quote." I heard Harry say again. "Basically, as you can see, since Niall is better, Marcie is going to spend all her time with him and Louis doesn't want to continuously fall for her when she's engaged to Niall." 


I could feel the screws in my head turning. It all made sense now. The reason why he was always so nice. The reason why he helped Niall. It was because he wanted to make me happy, but it was also because he liked me more than a friend. 


I thought about our final encounter. That kiss we shared. The sparks I felt. 


I shook my head when I heard Niall whisper my name loudly.


" Marc... You ok?" He asked, holding onto my hand.


"I'm fine, just a bit in shock is all." The other room went silent, meaning it was our cue to walk in. 

By this point, the boys were playing Fifa while listening to there own songs in the background. Greg was pacing around looking at paperwork. Probably his mom's medical forms, or pretending to plan Louis' funeral. 


I handed Niall a game controller so he could join in. 


"Harry!" I shouted. He looked up from his game and followed me into the kitchen.


He clearly didn't know why I called him over, so I continued to glare at him. His confused face turned into a guilty one. 


"Ok.. How do you know! I wasn't suppose to tell you! Or anyone for that matter! Please don't kill me." He used his arms as a protection mechanism for his face. My glaring continued.


"We're going to buy plane tickets, right now and get Louis back. Understand? We are not going to tell him we are looking for him. We are not going to tell him anything. You are not to say anything to Louis about the trip. All I need you to do is text the boy and ask him where in the world he is. Got it?" He nodded. "Good, now back into the living room." I pointed to the door and he marched out, as if I was an army commander of some sorts.


I watched as Harry sat back into his chair and grabbed out his phone. "Louis says he'll be in Spring Hill, Tennessee." I watched the other boys' with widened eyes as if they were tryingto remind   Harry that I didn't know of Louis' fake death.


"Ok boys, pack you're bags. Looks like we're going to Spring Hill, Tennessee." 


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