In The End {One Direction}

Louis was never ok with Niall's relationship with Marcie. He liked her, but there was nothing to do about it. After an almost-death happening with Niall, Louis finds the chance to escape his problems. Is this chance going to break everyone, or will it help him find his way?


13. Oopsiess

Liam's POV


I walked Danielle over to the restaurant entrance and let her continue on inside as my phone buzzed. She paused and waited for me.

"Just go in Dani, reservation is under Payne. I'm gonna text back Harry really quickly. Staying outside to text is more polite."


"Ok, just hurry Liam." She said, rolling her eyes at me.

I really don't like your attitude, I wanted to say out loud, but it's Valentine's Day, so I kept it in for now.

From: Louis

To: Liam

'Still on the plane ya dope. Thought you'd realize that from all the other long plane rides to America!'

I checked the sent message again.. Louis? Wtf?

I replied to the text anyways...

From: Liam

'Who the hell are you and why do you have Lou's phone?'


In a matter of curiosity, I forwarded the message to the other boys, along with a text saying, ' Wtf, Isn't Lou dead? Immediatly getting a reply from Harry...


From: Harry

To: Liam


I shook my head in confusion and decided to continue the problem later before Dani walked out to yell at me.



*** Hey guys! Sorry again I haven't been updating this.. Again, super busy...Even though it is summer vacation now.. Anyways! I know I said I would be taking a break from Movellas.. But, it's been 26 days! I'm pretty sure that's a good length!... Isn't it?.. Love you guys! xx

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