In The End {One Direction}

Louis was never ok with Niall's relationship with Marcie. He liked her, but there was nothing to do about it. After an almost-death happening with Niall, Louis finds the chance to escape his problems. Is this chance going to break everyone, or will it help him find his way?


11. Miscommunication

Harry's POV 

Zayn pulled me to one of the booth's closer to the door and stared at me the way he stared at the fans. Intense. 

"So, Harry, missing anything?" he asked if he were a police officer. 

"Um, no.. I think I'm good." I said, patting my pockets around, realizing he had ky phone, but wanted to play it cool. 

"Ok then Harold...Um, so who's this Tom Louson?" 

"FINNEEE! You brokkee meeee! Now give me my phone!!!" I jumped out the seat, trying to stretch towards my phone that he was now waving around. 

"No, no, no Harry, tell me first." 

My eyes are literally bulging out of my head at this point. 

"Harry, do you know something we don't? Who is Tom Louson? How does he know Marci?... And why are you kicking me?" he asked as he looked under the table, giving me a chance to grab my phone.

"Harrryy," he growled.

I simply gave him one of my cheekiest smiles and slid myself out of the booth. Before being able to reach Marci and Niall....


Zayn limped over to me, pushing me into on of the baristas, causing a soon to be chain reaction of coffee spilling, lattes everywhere and people yelling from this domino effect. 

Looking up, I could see Niall and Marce giving me weird looks. Zayn was scrambling around, sitting on my back, cuffing my hands together.  

'What the freak Harry,' she mouthed to me. 

I made a discouraging face as she put a $100 check for whatever damage we cost. 

" Come on Niall, I think it would be a good time to go now," 

He looked confused, as if hadn't seen what just happened, but continued on with Marci's plan anyways. He gave himself a head start, rolling around the people who were trying to dry off from coffee and hot chocolates and held the door open forMarci, who dragged Zayn off of me and pulled the both of us out of the coffee shop by our ears. 

"You two, what the hell was that! We'll never be able to show our faces in there again!" she shouted as we walked towards the car. 

"We're One Direction! We can go anywhere!" I made a super hero pose, hoping it would cheer her up. 

"You wereHarry, you were One Direction. As in no more. Management has dropped you guys, there's no Louis and Niall is in no condition to perform anymore." 

Then and there, I stopped waking as her words hit me with the truth. She was right. What would happen to One Direction. We went from biggest boy band to low class no bodies in a matter of six months. 

"Come on Harry, we have to go," 

"No, I' m not going," 

"Harryyy." she whined, helping Niall into the backseat of the car. 

"I got him," Zayn inquired, lifting my practically lifeless self over his shoulder for the second time today.

"Zayn, would you mind carrying Harry to the passenger seat so Niall can sit in the back? I don't want you two fighting on the way home." 

"No, I don't want to sit next to you." 

"What is it this time Harry?"

I refused to answer her, while Zayn put me next to Niall. He jogged to the other side of the car and Marci drove off. 

"Where to next Marce?" 

" I think we should head home now Niall. Eleanor has been home by herself for a while, and I think it's a good idea to bring let Zayn and Harry change before the coffee stains seep through there shirts." 

"It's too late for that, but I could use an ice pack since someone bruised my knees." 

"You're the one who stole my phone and read my text!" I whined.
 "Both of you stop it, I already have Niall to worry about. You guys are going to stress him out." 

 "It wad your idea to take us out.." I mumbled.

She pulled the car over into the closest parking lot. "What was that Harry?" She asked, grinding her teeth. 

My eyes widened again at her sudden fierceness. 

"That's what I thought, now I don't want to hear a single peep from either of, got it?" 
I nodded my head and sighed. "Good," she turned up the radio to block out any other sounds that we may produce. 

Louis' POV 

6 hours,  2 minutes and 57 seconds until America. It's been about an hour since I talked to Harry and I've just awoken from a nap. 

"Have a nice rest sir?" the flight attendant from earlier asked me. I simply nodded as answer to her question, hoping to not making anymore contact with her for as long as I live. 

"Sorry folks, looks like it may be another hour or so before we get to Nashville. We're expecting some difficulty with the weather. Sorry for your inconvenience." the pilot got off the announcer thing and almost everyone o. the plane got off. Looks like I'm not the only one in a rush here. I took out my vibrating phone and looked at my phone. Great, guess it's gonna be 6 hours and 59 minutes til America. 

Liam's POV 

Gosh, guess being in a hospital can really change someone. Right now,it was about 5 in the afternoon. Only half an hour away from my real dinner reservation with Dani. I shouldn't even be with Dan i right now though. The two of us should be at one of our houses right now, just enjoying time together while we still can. 

At the red light, I pulled out my phone and texted Harry. 

From:  Liam
To: Louis
Where are ya mate?

I pressed send before realizing the text was sent to Harry. Knowing there was no way to undo the sent message, I resent the message to Harry and tucked my phone away into one of the car cup holders. 

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