In The End {One Direction}

Louis was never ok with Niall's relationship with Marcie. He liked her, but there was nothing to do about it. After an almost-death happening with Niall, Louis finds the chance to escape his problems. Is this chance going to break everyone, or will it help him find his way?


1. Hopeful Day for Love

After the accident, everything was ruined. I honestly couldn't believed that happened. Why did I let it happen? Why did I let us fight? Why did I make us fight? Maybe I liked the tension. Well, now the tension got to him and it's all my fault. I was sitting there. February 13th, it was almost midnight. I kept playing the song over and over again.


           ' Midnight, doesn't last forever, dark turns to light, heartache flips my world around I'm falling down down down.'


I remember those words he said before he stormed off. I remember the last words I told him. I wish those words were I love you, but they weren't. They were cruel and heart wrenching. I regret saying it. Those words led to his boiling point, the final moment, or at least I hope they weren't the final moments. We loved each other forever. I just don't understand what led to this. After the date, after he ran off, I found him back at home, broken glass in his right hand, prescription bottles scattered on the ground, 3 bottles of beer near his left hand. It was all too much.


He's been here for a year. Never able to hear his 'I love you's', or watching his eyes sparkle through the night. It was just so sad. The doctors insist on taking him off life support but I won't let them. I know Niall can still hear me and I know he'll be back. I still have all the happy text we sent. Remembering all the good and bad memories. The laughs, the tears, the congratulations, the condolences. Everything. I just hope he would remember too when he wakes up, or if he ever wakes up.


February 14th- Midnight

I had received a Happy Valentines' text from each of the boys. Just like last year though, I wouldn't be getting one from the person I truly cared for. It's so sweet that the boys try to cheer me up, but it just wasn't enough. It was never enough. After all the pain, he was the one who cheered me up

And just when I thought good news would come my way.


"Ms. Horan, we have some news."


By the look on the doctors face it wasn't good. They pulled him away from me. I felt his final heartbeat. Heard his last wish that day. Kissed his cheek one final time. 


I began sobbing, when my phone rang, "Marcie dear, Louis is off to the hospital now." Liam's soft voice spoke out. 


I was confused, " Wh-w-why?"


"The doctor called, said that one of Niall's organ's weren't functioning properly. He said they could be replaced though by a donor. Louis decided to donate because he knew that him and Niall were a match in blood type. He said he just wants to make you feel better." The words coming out of Liam's mouth were crazy but believable. Lou was like my older brother. He would do anything for me. I couldn't let him risk his life though.


Before I could tell Liam to stop Louis from coming, I figured it was too late. I turned around, still on the phone as my lips met his.

 That was Niall's last wish. To find someone I had sparks with. After all this time, it was Louis. It couldn't be him though.


"Goodbye love." He smiled before releasing me from a hug and officially left.



After hours of waiting, I couldn't believe it, it was the voice I hadn't heard in months. That Irish accent I loved so much. The one I had missed for so long. I ran into his arms kissing him passionately, him returning the passion with his charm. 


"Happy Valentines' Day love. Sorry I haven't been here to spend it with you." I  continued tearing up.


"Happy Valentines' Day Niall!" As I spoke,  I remembered Louis.


As if on cue, a nurse helped Niall into a wheel chair while the doctor whispered something into Niall's ear. 

The nurse pushed Niall's wheel chair towards me and he motioned me to face him. 

"Marcie,  Louis, um, Louis died during the operation." 

The words tore me to shreds. I fell to the ground sobbing uncontrollably. Why wasn't I strong enough to stop him? But if I hadn't, would Niall be here with me now? 

This is definitely a Valentines' Day to remember, I regained my one love, but lost my secret one.


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