In The End {One Direction}

Louis was never ok with Niall's relationship with Marcie. He liked her, but there was nothing to do about it. After an almost-death happening with Niall, Louis finds the chance to escape his problems. Is this chance going to break everyone, or will it help him find his way?


4. Gregory

Marci's POV


"Um, boys, who's that?" I asked, while Harry pulled me into another hug, nearly suffocating me.


"Oh, yeah, this is El. Um, El, this is Marci and Niall. Ni and Marce this is El."


She slowly walked over to the door, frightened to shake the hand that Niall held out.


I tried to give her a hug as I saw tears dwelling around the corner of her eyes, but Harry still had a tight grasp on me.


"I'm sorry El, I'm sorry boys," Niall started, "um, how bout we go inside first."


Harry was still close behind me, as Dani pushed Niall's wheel chair into Harry's living room.


"Ok, so yeah. I'm so sorry lads. But first happy Valentine's Day, I missed you all so much."


"We missed you loads too Ni. It's great to hear that Irish accent again."


Niall simply smiled at Zayn's comment.


"Um, I'm just gonna go upstairs so that I can call Ni's family, is that alright Harry?"

"It's fine, any room you'd like. Just please, don't touch anything."


"Alright Harry, thanks." He released me from the hug and I walked upstairs, holding myself up so I wouldn't fall.


I walked into the first room I saw, which was Harry's room I think. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket  and dialed Niall's mum on my phone. I hadn't memorized her number, so I went to speed dial. She was number..7. Yup, lucky number 7. I pressed the number and waited for her to pick up.


"Hello?" I heard the familiar Irish tone.


"Maura? It's me, Marci, I have some news about Niall."


"Oh Niall, what are you talking about, he's right at home with me and Bobby, remember? We made him quit the band and everything."

I then started hearing someone yelling from the other line.

"Hello?" I asked. I heard breathing, just no sounds.




"Hey, sorry Marci, mom's been, you know, having some issues lately." Easily, I recognized the voice.

"It's fine Greg. Is she ok?"


"Yeah things haven't been easy for her ever since the whole Niall thing. She's been losing it. Smoking, too much prescription medicine. The doc said she might have alzheimers too. It's weird though cause it's rare for her age to get it. Anyways though, how's my little bro, he ok in the hospital?"


"Oh yeah, he's great. That's what I wanted to tell you guys though. Niall, he's finally out of the coma. His body is still a bit slow, but the doctors say everything is good and fine here. Except, well, you know Louis?"




"Um, well, the doctors said that when Louis was donating some kind of organ to Niall, Louis died."

The phone had gone dead for a second before I heard any real life again.


"Y-you mean the Tommo is dead?"


"Yeah, it's really a sad loss here. We haven't really planned anything yet since it only happend about an hour ago but y-"


"I'm coming to London roght now. None of you leave." And with that, he hung up on me.



***Hey you guys!! I hope y'all are liking the story!! It would really mean alot if you guys fanned me! I'll always fan back if you ask!! Sorry this part was lame...and crappy. I'm really busy. Exams, tests, studying and all that other school related stuff can get really annoying! I promise to post more soon! Love you guys and I hope you enjoyed the part!! ~ Lanna xx***


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