In The End {One Direction}

Louis was never ok with Niall's relationship with Marcie. He liked her, but there was nothing to do about it. After an almost-death happening with Niall, Louis finds the chance to escape his problems. Is this chance going to break everyone, or will it help him find his way?


8. Good bye England

Louis' POV


As I began boarding the plane, all I wanted to do was kiss the ground and say good bye to England for one final time, but how many goth-emo guys do you see just standing in front of an airport gate kissing the floor? Exactly. I stood in front of gate 7A and breathed. I closed my eyes before taking the last real step on England soil. Walking into the airplane, I kept on getting dirty looks from the flight attendents and a few elderly women. I tried ignoring them and continued on walking over to my seat which was located in cabin 2, seat 17. Luckily, it was a one seat, which means I don't have anyone to bother me.

I shoved my bag into the space above me and sat back down. looking out the window. It was bright and sunny outside, which was a rare thing here during this time of year. I held my hands agains the airplane's cold, glassy window, as my breathe fogged up the glass. I could hear the plane beginning to vibrate in the back and my seat belt light turning on, while creating a loud dinging sound. The plane began facing upright into the sky, as the wheels of the plane closed and we were off the ground.


"Good bye England, thanks for being so wonderful over the past 24 years. I promise to comeback and visit." I kissed my right hand, placing it on my heart, and my left hand still on the window." At this point, I could no longer see the other planes that were around me, but now, only the white puffs below the plane. I prepared myself for the tears that would be coming throughout this 15 hour flight.


"Ok passengers, oyu can take out your phones now," I heard the pilot say through the intercom that was placed on the surface above my head.


I decided to take out my phone since I felt it vibrating while I was coming onto the plane.


'What the heck Louis! Where did your car go? Niall and Marci are suspisious!'


Shit, why didn't I plan this out better. This operation was totally failing so far.


'Sorry Harry! What did you say?'


Harry's POV


'I just told them that it probably wasn't yours. I don't know, I panicked!'


This job was getting too hard. Why did he tell me? Out of all people! I can't keep a secret.


I continued trying to keep on my depressing face while texting him. Texting Louis when he's freaking out is honestly the most hilarious thing ever.


'Gtg Lou, Niall keeps giving me this weird look and Zayn keeps trying to get a peak at my phone.'


He didn't reply to this text either so I put my phone away and began moaning again and reached my hand out, waving it around, hitting Niall's head once or twice.


"What do you want now Harry?" Marci sounded aggrivated as she turned to look at me during the red light.


"Are we theerrreee yet?"


"No Harry, we're not. I'm trying to find the right restaurant to go to."


"Well why don't you just go to a Starbucks, there are a bunch of skinny white girls that may be Harry's type." Zayn suggested, making me feel a little weird aas he mentioned 'skinny white girl'.


"Whatever you say," Marci said as the car went into a surprise stop, causing me to hit my head against the seat.


Zayn's POV


As the car came to a halt, me and Harry's heads went flying towards the seats in front of us.


"Sorry Zayn, you said Starbucks,a nd you know, it's right there." she said pointing towards the cafe.


"It's fine Marci, I should just keep my mouth shut next time."


Marci, Niall and Harry both got out of the car while I struggled with my seat belt. As I released my self from the saftey rope, I saw Harry's phone on the ground. I picked it up, varying in my head on if I should give it back, leave it there or keep it and see who's he been texting. I'm gonna go with keeping it until he notices it's missing.



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