In The End {One Direction}

Louis was never ok with Niall's relationship with Marcie. He liked her, but there was nothing to do about it. After an almost-death happening with Niall, Louis finds the chance to escape his problems. Is this chance going to break everyone, or will it help him find his way?


5. Forgetting Somethings?

Niall's POV


I waited for Marci to go up the stairs, before telling the boys what happend with Lou. I heard one of the doors slam as Harry took one of the seats across from me, watching me awkwardly.

"Um, so yeah, El, do you want to get any tissues before I tell you guys what happend at the hospital? And don't worry, it's not very long."


"No Niall, it's fine, I'll survive." she said in between drizzles of tears.


"Ok, so as the boys know, I've been in the hospital for about a year. What the doctors had told me after the operation was the one of my organs was failing, blah blah blah, you guys know this part. So after the operation, the doctors let me see Marci, which I did. When I saw her, we had our moment, but then she noticed Louis wasn't there. That's when the doctor explained Louis had died from stress or too much blood loss and yeah, that's why were here. I asked to see Lou's body one last time, but for some reason the docs were all defensive about it. I haven't told Marci yet, but I swear, while I was on that operating table, I saw Louis sneaking out one of the fire exits. I don't know if that was the amnesia seeing things, but I have a feeling Lou isn't dead."


I saw Harry smile as he heard me say I didn't think he was dead, but the other boys were still at a lost.


"This doesn't make sense, yet it makes so much sense at the same time,"


"Can you rephrase that Harry?" Zayn asked, trying to solve everyone's confusion.


"What I'm trying to tell you guys is that Louis is-" he was cut off by the sound of another door slamming.

I turned my head to see  Marci walking down stairs. Her facial expression was different from earlier. She looked like she wanted to cry, yet again, she hated when I saw her cry.


"Niall, can I talk to you alone."


Before I could roll myself over to her, Harry galloped off his seat and held her.


"Marci, are you ok? What happend. Tell Hazza bear everything."


"It's ok Harry, I think I should tell Niall first and then he should decide if he wants to tell you guys."


"Fineee, ok Niall, you can have her." He spun her over to me , causing her to fall, but also causing me to grunt since she fell onto the stiches that remain latched to my stomach.


"Sorry babe, I didn't mean to fall on you."


"It's fine love, it's not your fault. Harry, she's not a cookie, you can't just pass her around like that." I know I sounded rude and defensive, but Marci was already hurt enough and I didn't need another guy hurting her.


"I'm sorry Ni, I didn't mean it." he said with both arms raised up like he was aurrendering to something.


"It's fine, now Marci where do you want to speak?" she didn't asnwer my question and rolled me out to Harry's backyard.


"Um, so yeah Ni, Greg is coming over later. You know, see you, help plan Lou's memorial, all that stuff." Her words came out softly. She usually loved seeing Greg, but now mentioning him, it was like he had done something horrid to him, in which I highly doubt.


"Is that it Marci? You don't seem so happy about it."


"That's because this isn't a happy time Niall. What's so happy about people dying?.. But that's not why I'm sad. Um, so when I called, um, your mom answered but then Greg took the phone. He told me something about your mum."


She was having a difficult time telling me this. She had also made me feel guilty about this whole thing. I've just never seen her so moody before.


"Mum, isn't dead, is she?"


"Ni, of course not. I just told you she was the one to pick up the phone. However, he told me that the doctor's think she has alzeimers."


I literally broke down at the sight of those words. How could this even happen? Mum was so healthy and cheerful. She hasn't done anything bad in her lifetime. Why would she be cursed with a thing like this?


"Shhh, shh, Nialler, it's ok. We'll just have to pray for your mum and hope for the best. Nothing is ever what it seems Niall."


Nothing is ever what it seems indeed.

She walked back into the house, leaving me their to sulk for awhile before she came back out with some tissues and two popsicles which gave me a little chuckle.


"Marci, it's too cold outside for frozen treats." I told her as she handed me the lime one.


"I know babe, but these things always cheered you up when we were kids. Thought it might work for now."


"It does dear, it always will, but how come the doctors aren't sure about mum?"


"Well, Greg really didn't go into specifics, but you can always ask when he gets here. But yeah, we shouold get going inside before you catch a cold. The doctors wouldn't happy about that, now would they my little baby?" she asked, saying the last part as if she was talking to an actual baby.

She gave me her popsicle to hold while she rolled me inside. By then, the boys were sitting in the living room watching old One Direction music videos and crying there eyes out... well mostly Liam, Dani, Perrie and El. I think Zayn and Harry were trying to look strong in front of everyone (as usual). My tears had dried quickly and I had finished both popsicles. Marci wasn't very happy about that part.

On the t.v, I heard Louis' solo from Little Things playing over and over again. That's when I finally saw the entire room of people crying and weaping. I was crying myself and hadn't even noticed it.


Marci's POV


When Harry called himself Hazza bear, I wanted to just yell and tell him the my only bear was Boo Bear, but I couldn't do that to Harry. Not with Niall being so hard on him either.

After I told Niall about Maura, my heart just broke in half seeing him cry, but now that I'm seeing all the boys cry, I couldn;t manage it. If I can't manage one of them vrying, I certainly can't handle That wouldn't be happening though. Our Lou was really gone. I just wish I could feel his lips on mine again to see if those sparks were real or not. I just need an answer.


Louis' POV


At the train station, there was a little gift shop. I decided to go in and use whatever money mum gave me to buy a wig, a hat and sunglasses. People have already been recognizing me, but I didn't need the press and paps to notice me. I went to find a bathroom and put on whatever I had in order to hide. I still had a few hundred pounds left and mum made sure to give me enough so that I could fly over to America. I'm pretty sure that's why she gave me the list of contacts.

Apperently, I have a few family members in Tennesse. She told me if I wanted to start over, living in Tennesse would do just the trick. I just hope she's right though.

After finally adjusting my new gimmick, I took a look at myself in the mirror. Right now, I looked like one of those gothic-emo people you see in the movies. To make this look more realistic, I put on some of the eyeliner I took from Marci's purse when she had kissed me.

Oh, how I longed for her lips on mine again. It was like magic. Magic I know she hadn't felt with Niall. Those irresistible lips of her. I had to snap out of it. I can't just spend all my time thinking about her.

I put on about 10 pounds of eyeliner and finally got out of the bathroom. Hopefully, people wouldn't know who I am. I got a bus schedule on my way out and began waiting for the next bus towards the air port. Hopefully, this plan wouldn't back fire on me. What I really hope though, is that I'm not breaking anyone back in London. I just feel so guilty, guilty about having my mu and the doctors lie, about leaving the boys and Marci, about leaving...SHIT!! I forgot Eleanor!!!!!!!


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