In The End {One Direction}

Louis was never ok with Niall's relationship with Marcie. He liked her, but there was nothing to do about it. After an almost-death happening with Niall, Louis finds the chance to escape his problems. Is this chance going to break everyone, or will it help him find his way?


25. Destination Reached

Marcie's POV


The flight was a hassle. 12 hours on a plane with 4 idiots. I'm amazed they let Niall on the plane last minute like that considering his conditions. I guess people still remember One Direction, but I feel bad for using them for special treatment. We sat in buisness of course, but I still feel pretty.


"Ok. Boys, hurry up. I called the taxi already. Let's go." I ordered, trying to scramble then together. The flight attendant handed Niall over to me. I thanked her quickly before turning back to the others. Gone. "Dammit you guys, I turn my head for three seconds."


"Marcie, calm down. They went to the food court." I smiled softly at Niall's kind demeanor. I chose the right boy... I thought to myself, trying to think of how crazy I could've gone if I had chosen another... No offense to Louis of course.


I took a long breathe in, taking in the scent of the fast food behind me. "It looks pretty crowded. Do you think you can stay here by yourself while I find the others?"


"Sure thing babe." He smiled back at me, wheeling himself towards the nearest wall to avoid causing any on going traffic. I followed behind him.


"Ok. Be careful. Please. Is your cell phone on?" He nodded. "Ok. I'll call if anything happens. I'll be right back." I gave him a kiss on the cheek, then wandered off into the unfamiliar location.


There was so many people here. How could the boys just wander off like that? Seriously?

I glanced around at all the different restaurant names. I took a longer look at the McDonalds and found them standing in line. Letting out a sigh of relief, I stormed over to the fast food place. Once getting there, I pulled Harry towards myself.


"Harry! What the fuck? I said stay!" He looked a bit guilty, so I calmed myself down.


"Sorry Marcie. It was a long flight and we were hun-."


"Harry, it's ok. I just got worried. I understand. Me and Niall are gonna be over there. So you better be right over there in under 15 minutes, got it? That goes for you two as well." I finished off, glaring at Liam and Zayn for a bit. I stormed back over to Niall, finally cooling down, checking Harry's phone that I had taken away for Louis purposes.


From: Louis

I'm in Spring Hill. Somewhere on BellView Street. Why?


Perfect. We shall be on our way Louis. We're taking you back home.



A/N- Hey guise! Once again, I apologize for taking so long to update and that the chapter is so short and blah blah blah. You guys know the routine. New update in two weeks maybe? I have a short vacation coming up so maybe then? I'm not sure. Anyways... Love you guys for reading! ~ L x

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