In The End {One Direction}

Louis was never ok with Niall's relationship with Marcie. He liked her, but there was nothing to do about it. After an almost-death happening with Niall, Louis finds the chance to escape his problems. Is this chance going to break everyone, or will it help him find his way?


7. Back- up

Niall's POV


Harry sat there. He was the remaining one. He would never agree to move on though.


"Harry, remember what you said you would do last year?"  He nodded his head no, and looked down at his phone.


"Harryyy," Marci started again, "you said you were gonna find the girl of your dreams today! All you're doing now is moping around. Actually not even around, you've sat there, then enitre day." she said, motioning her hands around like a loon, a very cute loon.


He let out a depresing sigh.


"Harryyy, please? You were so happy earlier." He let out yet another sigh before getting up.


"Harry, if you're gonna keep sighing, then you might as well just sigh rather than breath." I elbowed Zayn in the stomach, as Harry went back down onto the couch.


"Zayn, don't you think it's too soon to make jokes about people being able to breath or not?" Harry moaned out.


"Sorry mate, didn't mean it that way." Zayn apologized, scratching the back of his head awkwardly.


"Aww, Harry, please! You know Louis would hate to see you like this!"


She pulled him off the couch, struggling to get his left arm over her right shoulder.


"Ok Harold, it's either me and the boys put you on a dating service, or we go out to the park and the mall and a bunch of other places so you can meet girls. You're Harry flacking Styles for crying out loud. We'll find you a gal in no time." She told him cheekily.


He groaned louder than earlier. I looked up at his eyes though. He was totally hiding something. Even if his mouth showed pain and depression, there was that spark in his eyes that told you he was up to no good. And of course I wasn't jealous, but I'm sure it had something to do with Marci. He's been all over her until after she pulled me outside for pete's sake.


Louis' POV


I tried to forget about El for a while since I had other things to worry about. I called my mum, asking her to ship my car to America, knowing I wouldn't be able to afford one with just the money she had given me.


"Don't you worry about a thing hun, I already have it all settled out. Your step-dad just brought down your car to the docks. Your aunt is gonna pick up the car for you and we've already sent all of your money from your bank account into the bank your uncle owns. Everything is all figured out Lou."


"Thanks mom."


"No problem Louis, just remember to be safe. I've always been a little over protcective of you but I think it's finally time to let you do what you want. Just remember though, if you ever need anything, you can always come back home."


"Will do mom, will do."


"Ah, that's my boy, well my break is over now. Call soon when you get to your aunt's. Love you."


"Love you too mom." I said as she hung up. I was beginning to tear up, but stopped myself to stop my make up from running. Wow, I sound alot like El right now. That reminded me though, I had to text Harry.

'Harry mate, you know I've been planning this for awhile, but please man, pleassee dont tell anyone about this."


"Sure thing Lou, be careful, this is a crazy world out there. ill be sure to give Marci a quick kiss for you."

I could punch this could right now if I wasnt all ready half way out the country. I gave the receptionist lady my money, who then asked me where I would be headed.

"Tennesse, ah the country state. You my friend, don't look like a country man. You don't look like a mommy's boy either but who am I to judge."


"Ma'am, just give me my ticket please." I said roughly, trying to keep up with what ever image she intended on me looking like.


She gave me my ticket and told me the flight would be in about half an hour or so. I texted back Harry.


'Mate, don't. shes perfectly happy with niall, i dont want you to mess with their relationship.'


'I was only kidding, dont have a cow, but see yah mate, the boys and Marci are being weird.'


'Yeah, ok, sure, bye Harold'


I swear, of he touched Marci, he is a dead man. He'll be a deader man if he tells them what's going on.


Marci's POV


Harry, poor Harry. He's all sad and depressed. :( Zayn came over and helped lift Harry's weight off of me by lifting his other shoulder. Niall followed close behind, closing the door, as the four of us left the house. Zayn continued bringing Harry towards my car while I tried to help Niall get to the car. I really hope he get's this wheel chair out of the way soon.


Niall sat in the passenger seat, while Zayn was trying to get Harry to smile in the back. We began driving to the closest Starbucks. The only thing I was worried about were the fans who might crowd the boys. I wonder how Liam and Dani are doing too...and shoot! We left El at the house, alone- on Valentine's Day. I am a terrible person.

We were almost at the Starbucks when I heard Niall shout, telling me to stop. I immediatly hit the brakes, as he took control of the wheel and began backing up.


"You guys, look. Louis' car isn't here. Marci, remember when we were leaving the parking lot earlier and Louis' car was right next to the tree? It's gone now!" the sound of car's honking behind us told me to get Niall to let go of the wheel as I continued driving.


"Niall, are you even sure that was Louis' car?" I asked.


"It really could've been anyone's car Niall, Zayn's got a point when he's asking that." Harry spoke up.


"Actually, Niall's right. The car we saw earlier was defintley Lou's car. It had all the bumper stickers we gave him on it, plus the One Direction keychain hanging off the mirror."


"Then where could it possibly be?"


"Maybe his mom drove it out." Marci suggested.


"I doubt it, Lou is the only one who has the key to that thing." I told them.


"Well then Niall, maybe well just have to find out later."


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