In The End {One Direction}

Louis was never ok with Niall's relationship with Marcie. He liked her, but there was nothing to do about it. After an almost-death happening with Niall, Louis finds the chance to escape his problems. Is this chance going to break everyone, or will it help him find his way?


24. Back Home Vibes

Louis' POV


I had finished my shopping and had two hours before I had to get home. Feeling a bit homesick, I decided to pull into the cafe that was similar to the one back home. Conveniently, it was located in the direction I was headed. I drove into the parking lot grabbing the eyeliner with me. Maybe they'll let me dye my hair inside as well. 


I walked into the British themed place, noticing a lack of people inside. 


"Um.. Excuse me." I coughed, remembering that I had to speak in a different accent. "Excuse me ma'am," I corrected my accent. 


The worker looked like she was in her mid twenties, not very impressed with her job choice it seemed like it.


"What's up kid?" 


"Can I get a cup of tea please?" 


"What kind?" She popped her bubble gum mid-sentence. I had barely talked to her and it already seemed as if she was done with me. 


"Do you have Yorkshire?"


"Sure..." She rolled her eyes and turned away from the counter.


"I'll be right back out. I just need to use the bathroom."


"Whatever.." She answered, pouring the tea into a cup.


I jogged my way over to the restrooms. I opened the door, to find the room empty as well. 


I took a good look at myself in the mirror. Even after my shower, I still had traces if dirt on my face. Eyeliner from two days ago was still there too. 


I went into one of the stalls, grabbing out a roll of toilet paper. I rolled up a few squares and dabbed some water onto it, trying to clean off some of the old eyeliner before. It had faded out more than before. I growled at my fail, giving up. 


I grabbed out the pen and began applying the black crayon around my eyes, the same way Marcie would. 


This whole new life thing was getting more and more upsetting. 


"I'll save the hair dye for later.." I whispered to myself. I combed my fingers through my hair a few times to get it to look more ruffled before walking out. 


I walked back to the counter, taking my cup of tea, leaving her a tip. Before I officially walked out, I had remembered my other task. 


"Excuse me, could I get two coffee cakes." I asked, remembering that I told my aunt I'd get her something. 


She did as I asked and handed me the container. I placed another ten dollar bill onto the counter and walked out, taking a sip of my tea. 


"Ok Louis, onwards." 


Sorry for the terrible chapter. I'm still in a bit of a wreck with my writing in this story. This story might be on hold for a while until I figure what I want to do with the story. I really love you guys so much and thanks for all the support! - L x


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