Niall Horan Fan Fic.

Ally is just a girl from America coming to check out England for the next year, she wants to go to college, but she doesn't know yet. What will happen when Niall Horan sweeps her off her feet.


9. Telling Everyone.

"Hey baby, I just got off the phone with the doctor's office. You have an appointment tomorrow at 10 am, do you want me to go with you?" Niall asked. I smiled so big. I can't believe he called the doctor's office for me. He is the best boyfriend every.

"Of course I do! Come on, we need to clean up a bit. You're a messy boy!" I said and laughed. He laughed and got up to pick up things around my flat. "I'm going to do the dishes, and then I will start cooking." He nodded and continued picking things up.

Tonight is the night we tell the boys out news, hopefully they will be happy for us. I think Liam might be a little disappointed though, he is the daddy of the group and looks out for everyone. I'm kind of scared to know what he is going to say to us.

"Babe, are you okay?" Niall asked walking into the kitchen, I guess he seen the look on my face.

"I'm just nervous about telling the boys tonight, that's all."

"They will be happy for us."

"Even Liam?" I asked.

"Is that who you're scared to tell?"

"Yeah, I mean he is the daddy of the group. And he is going to be very disappointed that we weren't as careful as we could have been." I said, finishing up the dishes. Niall grabbed a dish towel and started drying them.

"I don't think Liam will be very disappointed. He knows how much we care about each other, and I think he will understand."

"I guess we will know tonight, huh." I said, looking up at him.

He hugged me and said, "Stop stressing out. It's not good for the baby." Then he kissed me and I went and got stuff to make spaghetti. "Mmm, spaghetti. I love you, baby!" He said.

"You only love me because I'm making food." I joked.

He pretended to look hurt, then laughed. "Do you need any help?" He asked as I started the sauce and put the noodles into the boiling water.

"Just set the table and then you can watch tv." I said, he nodded and kissed me.

While I was making the spaghetti my phone rang, it was my mom.


"Hey baby girl, are you busy tonight?" She asked. I froze.

"Uh, I'm having company over, why? Aren't you at home, in America?"

"We wanted to surprise you. Can we come over before you guests arrive?" I had no idea what to say.

"Uh, yeah. Sure. Come on over." I gave her the address and she said she would be here as soon as possible.

"Niall!" I yelled. He came running into the kitchen. "My parents are in town, and are on their way over."

"Great. I'd love to meet them." He said.

"Don't say anything about the pregnancy, I want to wait until the right time. Maybe tomorrow after the appointment, we can have lunch with them and tell him." He nodded.

"Don't worry babe, we will get through this."

"And what if we don't? What if my dad hates me." I said, tears brimming my eyes. "He was always so proud of me. Perfect grades. Perfect attendance in school. I never partied. I always studied. I came here, met the perfect guy. Lost my virginity and got pregnant. What is he going to say when I tell him?" I started sobbing my eyes out into his chest, he rubbed my back and kissed the top of my head. Then there was a knock at the door. I gasped, "there here!" I said, running to the door.

"Momma! Daddy!" I yelled, hugging them.

"Hey baby girl." My mom said.

"Hey baby." My dad said and hugged me. "Who's this?" He asked, gesturing to Niall.

"I'm Niall, I'm Ally's boyfriend." He said, wrapping his hand around my waist. My dad smiled and shook his hand. They started walking around my flat looking around.

"What time are you having guests over?" My mom asked.

"Well, the food I made is almost done. So anytime now. But tomorrow you and daddy can meet me and Niall for lunch, at Nandos. I'll see you then." I told mom and dad, I hugged them and they left.

"We love you, Ally!"

"I love you guys too! Bye!"


Everyone had just finished dinner and we were waiting for the right time to tell everyone. Even though Samantha, Eleanor, Haylee, and Harry already know they news, they didn't tell anyone about it. I figured now would be the best time, so I stood up.

"Can I have your attention guys?" I asked. Niall stood up beside me.

"Want me to tell them?" He whispered into my ear, I nodded. Everyone was looking at us, and I started to feel sick. But I just thought it was the nerves, so I over looked it.

"Ally and I have good news. Well good for us, we don't know what you guys will think." Everyone was staring at us. Niall looked at me and I nodded for him to continue. "Ally and I are expecting." He said, placing his hand on my belly. I was prepared for the worst, which was what Liam had to say.

"Congrats man!" Zayn said.

"Ally, I'm so happy!" Perrie said. Everyone else knew so they didn't say anything, but Liam still hasn't said anything. I looked over to Niall with a scared look on my face.

"Ally, Niall." Liam said, we both looked at him. "I hate to say that I am a little disappointed that you two weren't as careful as you could have been. But I can see that you two really love each other. So congrats." He said and hugged Niall. All the girls hugged me.

"Tomorrow is our first doctor's appointment, and then we are telling our parents. So don't tell anyone. I don't want the paparazzi getting ahold of the news yet." I said, they all nodded. They all stayed for a couple more hours and then left. Haylee stayed at Harry's tonight. They were getting a bit serious.


"Are you two excited?" The doctor asked. It turns out that I am definitely pregnant and me and Niall were happier than ever.

"Very." Niall said. She smiled at us.

"I want you to come back next week." She said and gave me a piece of paper with my appointment on it. I nodded and then we walked out of the hospital.

"Time to tell my parents." I said. I looked to Niall and he looked about as scared as I did. "I'll tell them. You told the boys, I can tell my parents." He smiled at me.

"Baby, remember we will get through this. If your dad really loves you, he will get over us having a baby before being married." I just nodded, I understood what he was saying, but I didn't know if my daddy would. When we got to Nandos, my parents were already seated and waiting for us.

"Sorry were late." I said and sat down in front of my mom.

"It's okay baby. How are you?" She asked.

"I'm good." I said. We have a bit of conversation before we got out food and started eating. Niall was using manners in front of my parents for a good first impression. Good, lets soften them up. I hope they aren't too mad. We weren't talking, so I decided to break the ice. "Momma, daddy. We have some news."

They both looked at me, "What is it baby girl?" My dad asked.

I took a deep breath and looked at Niall, he squeezed my hand. "First of all, don't be mad. And just know I love Niall very much." They looked confused. I took another deep breath. "I'm pregnant... And Niall is the father." Dad dropped his fork from his mouth, and looked from me to Niall. He was about to cause a scene, I just knew it.

"I let you come here for college and you get pregnant?!" He yelled. "What happened to my baby girl? The no having sex, no drugs, no alcohol girl?" He asked, a bit quieter.

"Daddy, come on. You knew one day I would find the love of my life and this would happen."

"Yeah, but I thought you would be married. And I didn't think you would be just 19 years old. You are throwing your life away for this... This... Hot shot." He looked over to Niall. "I know about you, Haylee is a big fan of you boys and I don't want my daughter in that kind of life. Cameras on her at all times." My dad said, my jaw dropped.

"Daddy! Take that back, right now. I love him. I am in love with him."

"Yeah, until he leaves you and doesn't want anything to do with you or the baby." Tears were brimming my eyes at this point.

"I think its time for us to go." I whispered. "Bye daddy."

"Ally, wait!" My mom said. I looked at her, she came and hugged me. "He will get over this. Don't shut him out." My mom whispered in my ear.

"Mom, I can't handle this. Not him. I need to go." I said and walked away with Niall, hand in hand.

I cannot believe my father acted like that towards Niall, and in front of the while restaurant. It's been about three weeks since I talked to my dad. My birthday was tomorrow and I didn't feel like doing anything. I was always tired, throwing up, and moody. I hated being moody towards Niall. He only tried to help, but my mood swings had a mind of their own. I just want my daddy to call and tell me he loves me and that we will get through this. But my dad is quite hard headed. I keep apologizing to Niall, and he keeps saying the same thing. 'It's not your fault, sweetheart.' But I think it is. If Niall never met me, we wouldn't be in this situation. We told his parents about me being pregnant, and they took it a lot better than my dad. Maura is actually excited to have a little baby to have around her house. Me and her decided that when Niall went away on tour, that I would be staying with her. Me and Haylee will anyway. We agreed to that.

"Baby, do you feel like doing anything tomorrow?" Niall asked me. I really didn't.

"What do you have in mind?" I asked.

"Well, it's your birthday and I want to take you out." He said.

"You don't have to. We can stay home, I really don't mind. I look like a hot mess half the time."

"Okay baby, we will order take out and watch all of your favorite movies." He said and kissed me.

"Niall, do you ever think that we are doing the right thing?" I asked. He looked at me confused. "Like, keeping the baby. I know we are young, and I love this baby. But are we really ready to be parents?" I asked him.

"Ally, of course its something I never seen coming, but we will be ready. You have been reading the books I bought for you, right?" He asked. I nodded, I loved reading. "I have been reading the book I bought for me as well, I think we will raise the best kid ever. Besides not everyone can say 'I'm Niall Horan's son or daughter.'" I laughed.

"I guess you're right." After I said that I felt my stomach turning, I took off towards the bathroom and threw up everything I have ate. I felt someone rubbing my back and holding my hair. Niall was always there, he never let me down. "When will this stop?" I asked, washing my face with a cold wash cloth. "I want this sickness to stop. Pregnancy is hard work!" I yelled, I didn't mean to. "Niall, I'm sorry I'm yelling. I'm just tired of being sick."

"The doctor said it should stop around your second trimester."

"Ugh, I have to go through three more weeks of this? Atleast I'm not getting fat yet." I said, and laughed.

"Maybe we can get some medicine to help you stop throwing up so much, we can ask at your next appointment."

"I can't wait until I stop, I hate it so much."

"I know you do, baby." Niall said and hugged me.


That night me and Niall just laid in bed and cuddled. He kept rubbing my stomach and talking to our son or daughter. He loves the thought of being a dad so much, and I love the thought of being a mother. The guys are glad the 'uncles' and the girls have already tried to get me a crib, but I told them me and Niall could get it.

"Ni?" I asked, he looked at me. "We need a bigger place to live with a baby on the way." He has been wanting to move into an actual house, but I had just moved in. His face lit up.

"I have the perfect place! It's on the outside of town and it's close to Harry and Louis' places." I smiled. I was going to be close to Eleanor and Haylee. Haylee hasn't been here, so I thought she pretty much moved in with Harry, but we comes by everyday. Just then my phone rang, it was Haylee.


"Ally! Guess what?" She yelled, I heard Harry talking a bunch of non sense in the back ground.

"What?" I asked.

"Harry asked me to meet his mom!"

"Haylee, that's a big step. Are you sure you're ready for that?" I asked.

"Yes! Ally I swear he has changed me. I mean, I opened up my heart completely to him and I have never felt this way before."

'But Haylee, you know how you are. When you start caring, you throw them away." I said.

"But Harry is different. Why can't you believe me."

"Haylee, I want to. I really do, but I just don't think I can. You always throw the good guys away, and Harry is a good guy."

"I can't believe you are saying this right now. I'm happy and you don't even believe me." She yelled.

"I can't handle this, I'll talk to you tomorrow, bye!" I yelled and hung up.

"What was that?" Niall asked.

"Haylee saying Harry changed her, but I just can't believe her." I said into Niall's chest. He just hugged me and rubbed my back. "I'm glad I met you Niall Horan."

"Not as glad as I am about meeting you, Allison Dockery. Soon to be Horan." I looked up at him in shock.

"What?" I asked, and the next thing he did is what shocked me the most.

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