Niall Horan Fan Fic.

Ally is just a girl from America coming to check out England for the next year, she wants to go to college, but she doesn't know yet. What will happen when Niall Horan sweeps her off her feet.


1. Niall Horan.

"Bye Mom, bye Daddy! I love you two." I said, hugging both of my parents before I walked onto the plane. Today is the day I leave for England, I've been wanting this since I was sixteen years old. I'm finally doing it, now that I have graduated high school.

"Bye Haylee, I'll text you! And I will fly you out soon, I'm gonna miss you! You're my favorite cousin, don't replace me while I'm gone." I said, and laughed.

"I could never replace you. Bye Ally, I love you big cousin!"

"I love you too!"

"Bye baby girl, be careful while you're away, and call me as soon as you land!" My mom yelled to me while I was walking onto the plane.

"I will!" I yelled back. I took a deep breath and walked onto the plane, this is my first time. I sat in my seat and put my head phones in, this was going to be a long plane ride. I fell asleep pretty fast listening to my music, because I woke up to the flight attendant tapping my shoulder.

"Miss, we have landed in London, you can exit the plane now." She said, with a smile on her face.

"Thank you." I said, and smiled back. I got my carry on and walked to the luggage claim, and got my luggage. I got a taxi and went to get a hotel.

"Excuse me, can you take me to one of the best hotels in London please?" I asked the cab driver.

"Sure thing, princess." Ugh, I have a smart ass as a driver, great. I just looked out the window at the city and took a few pictures. When we stopped, there was a big crowd outside, but why?

"Thank you." I said to the driver and payed him. I got all my luggage and headed inside. Well, I tried too, the crowd was huge.

"Excuse me, can I get through please?" I asked. Some girls gave me dirty looks, whats their problem. When I finally made it to the entrance, I headed to the front desk.

"Hello, I need a room for one person."

"How many nights?" The lady asked.

"Let's start out with two night, I just moved her for a year, I will find me a place in the next couple days." She smiled and gave me my room key. "Thank you." I said, and headed towards the elevator. I'm still wondering why there are so many girls waiting outside, is this normal here in England? When I got up to my room, I crashed, I was so tired from the plane ride.

I woke up and checked the time, 8:30 in the morning, already? I decided to get up and start looking for some apartments. I ate breakfast and got dressed. I did a little bit of make up and left my hair curly, this is going to be a long day.

When I stepped outside, the girls were gone, finally! But when I turned the corner, I seen the group of girls just walking, that's weird. I needed to get around them, so I walked really fast to get ahead of them. When I got to the front I seen a blonde headed boy with sunglasses on, just trying to get away from them. He looked so familiar. As I was walking, I walked right past him, not even looking his direction. I had to find a place to live, and I couldn't just stare at him all day. I have to admit he was cute. As I walked by him, it got quiet, buy why? I started walking as fast as I could.

"Excuse me?" Is that an irish accent. I slowly turned around and blondy was talking to me.

"Yes?" I asked, confused.

"Why are you walking in such a hurry? It's a beautiful day." He said.

"You look pretty occupied, and I have things to do. So I'll be going, have a good day." I said, starting to walk off, but he grabbed my wrist.

"Do you even know where you're going?" He asked.

"Uh, yeah. Of course I do."

"Darling, you're walking straight into an alley, I think you have no idea where you are. Are you new here in London?" He asked, I nodded.

"How about I show you around and take you out for some coffee?"

"Well, that sounds like a great offer, but I don't know. I mean, I don't even know you." I said, he looked shocked, and all the girls gasped. Oh, I forgot they were there.

"You don't know who he is?! You shouldn't even be talking to him!" One girl yelled.

"Uh, let's go into that Starbucks and talk." He said, grabbing my wrist and running. "What would you like?" He asked me.

"Surprise me, I'll find us a seat." I said, and smiled. He nodded. About ten minutes later he came back with two cappuccinos, my favorite.

"So, why are there girls following you everywhere you go?" I asked.

"You really have no idea who I am, do you?" He asked. I nodded.

"You look very familiar though, I just don't know where I could have seen you before."

"Does One Direction ring a bell?" He asked. I thought for a minute. Haylee has said something about them.

"You know my cousin Haylee has said that name before, is it a band?" I asked.

"Yes, biggest boy band in the world." He said, smiling.

"Can you hold on one sec?" I asked, pulling out my phone. I texted Haylee.

Me: Hey, who's One Direction?.. Send.

"I'm texting my cousin, if you are who I think then she will flip." I said, laughing. My phone started vibrating.

Haylee: Only the biggest boy band in the world! Why? Have you met them while you are in England?! If you have I will kill you! :p. I started laughing.

"What did she say?" He asked. I showed him the text and he started laughing.

Me: Does one of them have blonde hair?.. Send.

"So I never got your name." He said.

"Ally." I replied, shyly now for some reason.

"Well Ally, my name is Niall. I bet Haylee knows that." He said, winking. I just laughed. My phone vibrated again.

Haylee: Yeah, Niall Horan. Why? Ally what's going on. I froze. I looked up and he was smiling. I dropped my phone and just stared at him.

"N-Niall Horan?" I said, but it came out as a question.

"Yeah?" He said confused. "Do you mind?" He asked, pointing to the phone. I shook my head. He read the text, typed something, then handed me the phone. I looked at it.

Me: Oh you know, just having some coffee with him. ;).. Send.

"Now Ally, are you okay?" He asked.

"I'm sitting here with 1/5 of my cousin's favorite band, I'm more than okay, but I feel guilty."

"Why?" He asked.

"She deserves to meet you, although some guy named Harry is her favorite. I remember a couple weeks ago she showed me a poster of you all, and I thought "the blonde one" was the cutest, and here I am, with the blonde one." I said, still shocked.

"You think I'm cute?" He asked, smiling. I blushed and nodded. "Do you know the guys' names?" He asked.

"Uh, Harry. Liam, Zayn, and Lewis?" I asked.

"Almost, its pronounced Louie, but its okay. I won't tell him you said it wrong." Just then my phone vibrated once again.

Haylee: You're lying.

Me: I swear, call me right now.. Send.

"Uh, Niall. I told her to call me, she doesn't believe me. Is that okay?" He nodded. Then my phone started vibrating like crazy.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Ally, I swear if this is a prank, I will hurt you." She said.

"Here." I said, handing Niall the phone. "Hello love." He said. All I could hear was screaming. He took the phone away from his ear. "Are you okay now?" He asked, then laughed. I couldn't hear what she was saying, but he laughed, then handed me the phone.


"Ally! How could you meet 1/5 of One Direction and not even tell me right away?!" She screamed.

"Haylee, stop screaming. I didn't even know him until he brought it up. Now I have to go, I'm looking for apartments. Good bye." I said, and hung up. Niall was looking at me weird.

"Apartment?" He asked.

"Yeah, I need to place to live for the next year."

"The next year?" He asked. I thought that I should explain myself to him.

"Okay, So I want to go to college here, but I thought that I should live here a while before making any major decisions. And I kind of need somewhere to live."

"I have to perfect place! Follow me!" He said, taking my hand. We got into a car, and took off through London, which is a beautiful city. We stopped in front of a beautiful apartment.

"Where are we?" I asked.

"This flat," He said pointing to the right, "Is for rent. And this flat," He said pointing to the left, "My best mate lives there when we are here in London recording."

"Flat?" I asked.

"Apartment." He said, and laughed.

"So, where do you stay?" I asked.

"Well, I have been staying at a hotel, but I stay with my mates too. Let me go talk to Zayn."

"Oh, your mate that live there?" I said, pointing to his flat.

"Yeah, come with me." Oh great, I get to meet another member of One Direction, and its just my first full day in London. This should be a great experience.

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