Niall Horan Fan Fic.

Ally is just a girl from America coming to check out England for the next year, she wants to go to college, but she doesn't know yet. What will happen when Niall Horan sweeps her off her feet.


15. Mrs. Horan.

Tomorrow is the day, I will be Allison Horan tomorrow, I will be Niall Horan's wife. I can't get used to saying that, but I know I'll have to. Tonight I'm staying with Eleanor and the girls, while the guys stay with Niall. My mom and dad are at Maura's and keeping little Zander. I'm going to miss him tonight, I'm not used to not seeing him. But then again, I won't see him for a whole week while were on our honeymoon. It will suck not sleeping with Niall tonight, but it's only for one night.

"Ni! I have to go!" I said, and laughed. "Eleanor is outside waiting."

"Don't leave me!" He frowned, I hated seeing that face.

I kissed him, "You'll see me tomorrow, I'll be walking down the isle towards you."

"And I'll be waiting. I am the happiest man on Earth because of you." I blushed.

"You never fail to make me blush Niall Horan, I need to go though." I kissed him. "I love you."

He kissed me back, "I love you too."

We hugged forever before I heard Eleanor honk and yell, "Come on Ally! Niall let her go! We need some girl time!" We both laughed, kissed, and I walked towards her car. I waved at him, and then we were off towards Eleanor and Louis'.

Louis was still there when we got back, the boys wasn't going over to Niall's until Maura came and got Zander. So Niall is having a little bit of daddy time with him. I think that's just too cute.

"Ally!" Louis yelled.


"How's my favorite 'sister-in-law'" He said, using quotations.

"Great! I hated leaving Niall though. It's going to suck spending a whole night without him and Zander both!"

"Ahhh, it will be okay! We will keep Nialler occupied, while El and the girls keep you occupied." He said and laughed.

"I'm just going to put my stuff down." I said. I really wanted to go call Niall, but I knew they would listen, so just as I got to the guest room, Niall texted me.

Niall: 'I miss you :(xx'

Me: 'I miss you too! This is going to be a long night.x'

Niall: 'I know, mom just came and got Zander. I'm about to call the boys. I love you Ally! See you at the'

I smiled to myself.

Me: 'I love you too, I'll be the one in white. ;)xxx'

Then we stopped texting, I walked into the living room with El and Louis just as his phone rang. He quickly answered it and talked for a moment. He grabbed his tux and hugged El.

"That was Niall, Maura got Zander and all the boys are headed over there. See you tomorrow baby. I love you." He said to Eleanor and kissed her. "See you tomorrow Ally!" He said and hugged me. "You and Niall are both so lucky."

"Thanks Lou. Tell Niall I miss him." I said and laughed.

"Sure thing babe." He said, then kissed Eleanor one last time and was out the door.

"So ready to have a great night!?" She asked.

"Hell yeah! Where are the girls?"

"They should be getting here right about.." She was interrupted by a knock. "Now." She said, and both laughed. She went an answered the door and they all came running in.

"Come on! Were gonna have a fun night. I brought some love movies, and food! No scary movies tonight. We will be in bed by 11, because we will be waking up at 8. The wedding is at 2 and everything has to be ready!" I said, they all nodded. "So what movie first?" I asked.

"The Notebook!" Haylee yelled.
"You are Harry's match!" Samantha said. We all laughed. I went to fix the popcorn, Samantha got the drinks, El got the covers, and Haylee put the movie on. We were all ready for the night to start. Only 20 hours until I would be Allison Horan officially.

We went through 2 movies already and was on our third, our last one, and then going to bed. We watched The Notebook, The Vow, and were now watching The Lucky One. I love Nicholas Sparks, I've read all of his books. When the movie ended, we all said goodnight. Me and Haylee slept in the guest room. Eleanor and Samantha slept in her room, and Perrie chose the couch. I have no idea why because there was still another room available.


I woke up the Eleanor jumping on me, goodness her and Louis are just alike.

"Wake up! Wake up! Lou will be here any minute to do our hair!"

"Ugh, I'm up." I groaned.

When Lou got there, I pretty much kept falling asleep and the girls kept laughing. Lou finished with all of our hair by 12. She kept doing something different until she was satisfied. Time to head to Niall's house and get into my dress, make up, and shoes. But Niall still can't see me. So I called Maura.

"Maura? Yeah, its Ally. Tell Niall to get out of the house we are on our way! Think of something. Haha, okay! See you soon! Bye!" Then I hung up.

When I got there Niall wasn't there, I got lucky, because right when I got into the room he came home. Lou was already doing my make up while the girls were getting into their dresses. When she was finished, it was about 12:30. I got into my dress and shoes. I kept looking into the mirror, and I was really impressed. I looked like a princess.

"One last touch." Samantha said. "The vail!"

She put it in my hair and over my face, I looked perfect. By the time Lou was done with all our make up, it was almost 2.

"Okay! We need to get lined up out here. Where's my dad?" I asked.

"Right here!" He said, coming over to me. "You look great baby girl."

"Thanks." I said and smiled.

Before I knew it, music was playing and one by one the girls and guys started walking. First Harry and Haylee, Then Louis and Eleanor, next was Liam and Samantha, and finally Zayn and Perrie. The Brendan walked out with the rings, and Lux threw the flowers behind him.

"It's time daddy." I said and took a deep breath.

"You grew up too fast."

We slowly started walking down the isle and the moment I looked up, I seen the biggest smile on Niall's face, I got so nervous just then. But then I took another deep breath. My dad gave me to Niall and we stood in front of the preacher and everyone else. I heard some people crying, probably my mom. The preacher said a few words before we said our vows. Niall went first.

"I, Niall Horan. Take you, Ally Dockery. To be my wife, my soul mate, my one and only princess. In sickness and in health. For rich or for poor, to love and to cherish. To hold in my arms for the rest of my life. Until death do us part." I was tearing up, it was my turn.

"I, Ally Dockery. Take you, Niall Horan. To be my husband, my soul mate, my one and only prince. In sickness and in health. For rich or for poor, to love and to cherish. To be there for your career, no matter how far apart we are. Until death do us part." I seen a tear slide down his cheek.

"Do you Niall, take the Ally to be your wife?" The preacher asked.

"I do." Niall said.

"Do you Ally, take the Niall to be your husband?" The preacher asked.

"I do." I said.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. Niall, you may kiss your bride!" He leaned down, smiled, and then kissed me. "I'd like to introduce you to Mr. And Mrs. Niall Horan, ladies and gentleman." We went down the isle and out to where we were having the reception.

The reception went by pretty quick. We were done by 4 and me and Niall were on our way to the airport. We were headed to Jamaica. I've always wanted to go there, and Niall said that's where he wanted our honeymoon to be. When we arrived, he did the traditional carrying me bridal style into the hotel room.

"Welcome to Jamaica baby. Or shall I said, Mrs. Horan."

"I will never get tired of being call that." I said and smiled.

"Since its late, lets stay in." He said and winked. I knew what was on his mind tonight.


Jamaica was beautiful, and being by the ocean was amazing! I laid out though, although Niall dragged me into the water non stop, so I wasn't getting the tan I wanted. We went out every night. Some nights to clubs, other nights just out to eat. He took me shopping, and we took long bubble baths together every night, after long days at the beach. Niall was treating me like a princess, but he always did, and I think he always will. Three nights have passed, and I kept thinking about Zander, Niall missed him too but he got our minds off of it occasionally.

"Baby, I'm going to miss you while I'm on tour." He randomly said, I just looked at him. "But, I was wondering if you and Zander would just like to come with me." He smiled.

"Ni! Are you serious?" I asked, he nodded. "Wait, is it safe for him to travel?" I asked.

"Yeah, we have seat in the tour bus where we can buckled his car seat in."

"Yay! Are the girls coming?"

"Yeah." He said.

This honeymoon kept getting better and better. By the time it ended, I didn't want it to. The last night, we stayed up all night, because I knew we wouldn't get much alone time when we got back home, so we made the best of our last night in Jamaica. I'm so ready to live life at Niall Horan's wife, I'm ready to be called Mrs. Horan. I'm ready for anything, as long as Niall is right there by my side.

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