Niall Horan Fan Fic.

Ally is just a girl from America coming to check out England for the next year, she wants to go to college, but she doesn't know yet. What will happen when Niall Horan sweeps her off her feet.


6. Breakfast With Everyone.

"Ally, can we talk about this later? When Harry isn't right there?" Haylee asked.

"No, we can't. Harry deserves to know."

"Know what? Ally, you said she was a good girl." Harry said. "I just want to know what is going on."

"Harry, come here." I said, and we all sat on the bed. Niall was still at the door. I didn't care that he was listening. Liam went to go wake Samantha up.

"What's going on?"

"Haylee has had... A hard life."

"Yeah, I know. You raised her.."

"But Harry, that's not all." I looked at Haylee, she had tears in her eyes. 'I'm sorry.' I mouthed to her. "She's not a whore, exactly. See, since we have raised her, she thought her parents didn't love her. She had this boyfriend, a jerk. He took her virginity. You do know she isn't a virgin, right?" He nodded. "Okay, well after that happened, he left her. I wouldn't call it losing her virginity, more like, he kind of raped her. She didn't want to do it, and she was only 14 years old. 14, in middle school." I paused, my eyes started tearing up. Niall ran over to me and rubbed circles on my back. Haylee was crying, Harry was rubbing her leg.

"You never told me you got raped."

"You never asked." She barely whispered.

"Harry, that's not all... There's... More."

"More than being raped?!" He pretty much yelled. By then everyone else was at the door. Samantha, Eleanor, and Perrie ran to me and Haylee. The boys stood by the door.

"Haylee was always the girl who would never touch drugs or alcohol. Cigarettes made her puke, and people who did those things disgusted her. But when he done what he did, she started hanging out with the wrong crowd. She never done drugs, but she drank alcohol like crazy. Of course I never told my parents, but I tried to help her. She came home every night with a different story about a different guy. Either she pleased him, he pleased her, or they pleased each other." I looked over at Haylee. "She didn't have sex with every guy, she was scared. But towards the end, before I put her into therapy and rehab, she had sex with three different guys. All who were friends with her ex boyfriend, for revenge. She hates thinking about it, I hate it too. I hate thing that my baby cousin got raped by a guy who is a low life. He is now in jail. He was 17 when all this happened, and I could kill him... Still." Everyone sat there, quiet. "The reason why I think she will hurt Harry is because every guy that she has been with, she got what she wanted. He pleased her, she left. She was afraid to let another guy in, she doesn't want her heart broke. She is very fragile." I paused and looked at everyone. "But, so is Harry. I don't want either of you heartbroken, so don't do anything to let that happen." I got up and ran to my room. And shut the door. I wanted to be alone, but Niall wanted to make sure I was okay.

"Babe, are you okay?"

"Of course I'm not okay. I tried everything to get her to change, that's why I didn't want to leave her behind in America. You guys helped her out a lot. When she found out about One Direction, she just watched you guys for hours. No more alchohol, no more guys. Just you guys. And what she wanted most in her life was to meet Harry Styles. But now that she has, I have no idea what is going on in her head. Him pleasing her, then her leaving. Or falling in love. She is mysterious." I said, and cried into Niall's chest.

"We changed her life?" He asked.

"Big time." I said. Then I heard on knock on the door. Niall opened it and Haylee was standing there.

"Ally, can I talk to you?" She asked, I nodded.

"I'll just go talk to Harry." Niall said, and walked out.

"Ally, I just came to thank you. You know, for telling Harry. I was so scared to tell him. My life is pretty messed up."

"Haylee, he deserved to know. I told Niall about how they changed your life. I just don't want you or Harry heartbroken."

"I know, Ally. And I would never hurt him. Ally, did he tell you what happened last night?" She asked.

"No, but by seeing your clothes on the floor, I think I have an idea."

"Ally, we stayed up all night. around 5 in the morning. I wasn't drunk anymore, and we went all the way. It wasn't his idea, it was mine. Have you ever fell in love with someone the first time you seen them?" She asked me. I shook my head no. "Well, it's an amazing feeling. I thought I loved him just by seeing him on the posters in my room, but when I finally met him I felt something I never felt with anyone else. Someone I can't explain."

"So you just had sex with him."

"I'd like to call it, I made love with him. He was so careful and he made sure it was what I wanted. He was more nervous than I was. He opened his heart up to me. I know its really soon, but trust me Ally, I think we made the right decision." I just nodded my head and hugged her.

"He better have used protection."

She laughed, "He did." I smiled.

"Go change into some decent clothes and tell Niall to come here." I said, she nodded and left the room.

"Is everything okay now?" Niall asked, wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Yeah, I need to loosen up on her, don't I?" I asked, turning around to face him. He cupped my face in his hands.

"Yes babe, she is 16. I think Harry will take good care of her." He said and kissed me. "Now come on, get changed. Were all going out for breakfast." He said, and walked out. I changed into some black skinny jeans and a british flag tee, with my black chucks. I didn't feel like dress up much today. I barely put on make up and I let my loose curls flow down my back.

"Hey girl, ready to go?" Samantha asked.

"Yeah, where is everyone?" I asked. The only ones who were here was me, Niall, her and Liam.

"They went ahead, they are getting a table. Were riding with Samantha and Liam." Niall said. I nodded.

Me and Samantha sat in the back talking the whole way to the restaurant.

"So, how are you and Liam?" I asked her, she just smiled big.

"Well, tomorrow is our 2 years."

"Wow, 2 years?"

"Yeah, and he said he is taking me out somewhere." She said.

"Wow, I bet you're excited.

"Yes, I am. He treats me so good, and sometimes I feel like I don't deserve him."

"More like I don't deserve you. Were here babe." Liam said. Samantha started blushing.

"Eavesdropper." She said, and got out of the car. Me and Niall laughed.

"Niall, they are great together." I whispered to him.

"So are we babe." I smiled.

"I know this. Let's go, I'm hungry!" I said, practically running inside.

"Wow, that's a first. I usually have to make you eat." He said, I started blushing.

"Well, when I have a boyfriend who eats for a family of twelve, I learn to eat." I said, playing it cool. He just laughed and grabbed my hand.

When we got our table, I sat by Niall and Samantha. I wanted to finish the conversation with Samantha we were having earlier.

"Have you got any hate for dating Liam?" I whispered to Samantha, she nodded.

"They started to like me, but there is still some of those few jealous fans who hate on me. But Liam helps me through it. Have you gotten any hate?" She asked, I shook my head no. "Wow, you're lucky. I got it all on Twitter.

"I haven't been on mine since I moved. I'm scared to look though."

"If you get any hate, just tell Niall he will take up for you, and so will the rest of the boys. Us girls too, just give us a call." She said, and gave me her number.

Everyone had their own conversations through out the rest of breakfast. Liam and Samantha dropped me and Niall off at my flat. Niall hasn't been to his flat in days.

"Nialler, you haven't been to your flat in days?"

"I've been busy." He said and picked me up, carrying me into my flat. He shut the door with his foot. He kissed me passionately and laid me down on the couch. Just as it was getting heated I hear a 'Get it Niall!'

"Harry." He whispered. He got off of me and I was blushing like crazy. Harry started laughing and Haylee was hitting him for interrupting us.

"Hey guys." I said, playing it cool.

"Oh, don't let me interrupt you. Please, continue." Harry said, winking at Niall. I started blushing again and looked down.

"Harry, shut up!" Niall snapped at him.

"Woah dude." Harry said, throwing his hands up.

"Come on, Harry." Haylee said, pulling his down the hall way.

Niall looked at me and weakly smiled, "Sorry about him."

"It's okay, Nialler. We have now." I said, and kissed him passionately. When we pulled away I looked around the room and seen the mess. "Niall, I have to clean this up."

"I'll help you." He said and got some trash bags.

We started cleaning, and goofing off every now and then. An hour later we had everything cleaned up.

"We make a good team, Nialler." I said, and he nodded. He went to use the bathroom and I decided to check my Twitter. I might regret this in the end, but I have to look.

When I got on there, my mentions were blowing up. How did these people know me? I looked on Niall's page and he found me on there, he tweeted about me. But when I went back to my mentions I seen some that said,

'She's pretty.'

'You two are perfect together.'

'I'm glad you're happy Nialler.'

But what really stood out were the ones that said,

'Ugly whore.'

'Why is Niall with her? Gold digger.'

Or my favorite,

'Go die.' Note the sarcasm on the favorite part. I hadn't noticed I was crying when I heard Niall ask,

"Ally, what are you reading?"

I put my phone down right away.

"Uh... Nothing." I said, and headed towards the kitchen.

"Oh no you don't!" He said and grabbed my arm, spinning me around to face him.

"What were you reading?"

"I was on Twitter." I said, looking down.

"Were you reading hate?" He asked, I was silent. "Allison Shawnae Dockery, answer me right now." He said, I was still silent. I think he knew the answer. He cupped my face and kissed me. "Don't listen to them, Ally. They don't know you, and they don't know how I feel about you. You're perfect, don't ever let them bring you down." I just nodded, he kissed me again. "Let me see that beautiful smile." I smiled for him. He hugged me and said, "I'll always be here for you."

"Always?" I asked.

"Always. And don't you ever forget that, okay?" He asked. I nodded and kissed him in the lips.

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