Niall Horan Fan Fic.

Ally is just a girl from America coming to check out England for the next year, she wants to go to college, but she doesn't know yet. What will happen when Niall Horan sweeps her off her feet.


10. Alan Carr Show.

I just stood there, staring at Niall. He got down on one knee and stared at me. I knew exactly what he was doing.

"I wanted to wait until tomorrow to do this, but I just can't wait. You know me, I'm an impatient person." He paused. "Now I'm rambling on." He took something out of his pocket, again. "Ally, I love you with all my heart, you know that. I know its only been 5 months, but I know that I have found my princess. Will you do the honor of being a Horan? Ally, will you marry me?" He was blushing really bad, and I had tears of joy running down my face.

"Of course I will, Nialler." He stood up and placed the ring where my promise ring was.

"Guess you don't need this anymore."

"I can wear it on my other hand." I said, and jumped into Niall's arms. I was by far the happiest girl in the world right now. I wasn't tell anyone except the guys and the girls just yet. We are going to wait until I start showing, we will tell the press about the pregnancy and marriage all in one day. "This is the best birthday present ever Nialler!"

He just smiled, "I thought it would make you happy." I smiled and kissed him passionately.

We laid in bed that night trying to pick out a date to get married, I really don't want to be fat and in a wedding dress.

"Babe, can we wait until after the baby is born? I don't want to be fat and waddling down the isle." He laughed.

"Of course we can babe, whatever makes you happy."

"Have you thought about who your best man is? I know who all the groomsmen will be." I said and winked.

"Either Harry or Liam will be my best man, who is your maid on honor?" He asked.

"Haylee, definitely. I don't care if we are in a fight. I am about to call her and apologize because if I keep this from her, she will be ten times as angry!"

"You girls and your 'cat fights'." He said with air quotes. I hit him in the stomach and dialed Haylee's number.

"Hello?" Damn, she still sounded angry.

"Haylee, I'm sorry I didn't believe you. But you know how you are. I don't want you or Harry hurt."

"Ally, I will not hurt him. I've been in love with him since the beginning. When he was just a poster on my wall." I laughed at that.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Hey! I have some news. Anyone around?" I asked.

"All the boys and girls are here. Harry was just about to call you and Niall to come over for a bit, then you call me." She laughed.

"Were on our way! I have to tell you all."

"Okay, see you soon!" She said and hung up.

"Nialler, were going to Harry's. All the boys and girls are there, and we can tell them all the news, at once." I said.

"Okay, get ready."

"Ugh, can I just wear sweats?" I asked. He laughed and nodded. "Good, because I feel like shit." I said, changing into sweats and one of Niall's shirts. "I hope you don't mind me wearing your shirt." I winked.

"You look better in it than I do." He said and hugged me. "C'mon, lets go. I know you don't want to stay out too late." I nodded and we headed towards Harry's flat.


We had just arrived and walked up to the door when I heard yelling coming from the inside. I looked at Niall and he just shrugged his shoulders.

"Shh." I whispered, "Let's listen."

"Are you stupid!?" Harry yelled.

"Nope! You're a jerk!" She yelled.

"Stop being a drama queen and throwing a tantrum,"

"Why do I love you?!" She spat back, and everything got quiet. We walked in, and eavesdropped. "Why did I ever meet you? Why did you come into my life?" She whispered. "And why is your child in my belly?" She yelled the last part and ran to Harry's room. He looked shocked.

"Harold." I said.

"How much did you hear?"

"Enough. Now what happened?" I asked.

"Come sit." The boys and girl were stood all around in shock. Me and Niall sat down.

"We were all sitting here talking and everything was fine. All of a sudden, Haylee ran to the bathroom, I didn't think anything of it, just thinking she had to use it really bad. You know her bladder is the size of a peanut." I nodded, because that is true. "She came back out here and yelled "thanks for helping me, Harold!" I had no idea what she was talking about. "Harry I puked!" she yelled to me, I got up and hugged her, but she pushed me off and slapped me, across the face. Then I said "are you stupid?!"

"Yeah, we heard everything from there." I interrupted him. "Harry, go talk to her. She needs you." He nodded and got up.


Me and Niall sat in the living room with everyone else for about 20 minutes, waiting on everything to cool down. I cannot believe my baby cousin is pregnant and 16 years old. How could Harry let this happen. My parents are going to kill me when they find out. I seen Haylee come and sit down, tears staining her face.

"Haylee, are you okay?" She nodded.

"Harry pisses me off so much, but I can't live without him."

"When were you going to tell me you're pregnant?" I asked.

She looked down, "Tonight. Along with Harry. I was scared he would leave me, that's why I didn't tell him sooner."

"When did you find out?" I asked.

"A week ago."

"Haylee you were with me when I found out, how could you keep this from me?" I asked. She shrugged, I hugged her. "Are you scared?"

"More than anything. I'm scared about what aunt and uncle are going to say. But worst of all, I'm scared Harry won't be able to handle this." She said, looking down.

"I'll always be here babe, I'm not leaving. Ever. That's MY baby, and you're MY girl." Harry said, coming into the room. He walked over to Haylee and hugged her. I smiled. "Ally, Haylee said you had some news for all of us." Harry stated.

I looked over to Niall, he took my hand and held it out for everyone to see. "I asked Ally to marry me." I was blushing bad and everyone was smiling.

"Congrats!" We heard from everyone, evem Liam. He was smiling. I think he is my best friend out of all of them.

"Liam, can we talk?" I asked and walked into the kitchen, he followed behind.

"What's up?" He asked.

"Why were you disappointed when we told everyone about my pregnancy?" I asked.

He sighed, "because, I don't want you too ruining your life. Niall is still touring and won't be around as much as he has been. He loves you very much, and loves that baby right there." He said poking my belly and smiling. "But, when the baby is born, we will be on tour."

"Well, he said he had the whole month of November and December to spend at home."

He thought for a minute, "That we do. But then in January we finish the tour."

"Liam, we can handle this."

He smiled, "I know you guys can. You two are strong and Niall has never looked at a girl the way he looks at you. You're special." I started blushing. "Aww, you're blushing!" Liam said and laughed. I hit him in the arm.

"Shut it, Daddy Payne!" He laughed.

"You know Ally, I'm glad we had this talk."

"Me too. If I never need anything I know I can talk to you?" I said and hugged him.

"What are friends for?" He asked and laughed.


"Well boys, girls. We need to be heading home, Ally is tired." Niall said. We said our goodbyes to everyone and headed back home. I was so glad to lay in bed, I was literally exhausted.

I was laying with my head on Niall's chest when I asked, "Niall, how did I get this lucky?"

He kissed my nose, "How did I?" I just laughed. My eyes were shutting close, "let's go to bed." He said, and turned off the lamp by the bed. The last thing I heard was a mumbled 'I love you' before I drifted off to sleep.


The next three weeks went by with me doing nothing but relaxing and puking. This morning is the first morning I didn't puke. I was in the beginning of my second trimester, and I was getting a little belly on me. Every morning when Niall woke up Niall rubbed my belly and kissed it, now we can see a small bump. He smiled at me this morning.

"Baby Horan is growing!" He said, excitedly.

"When are we telling everyone?" I asked.

"Next week, on the Alan Carr show." I froze, I watched that show all the time.

"A-Alan Carr?" I stuttered, he nodded. "Everyone will definitely know then." I said, with a worried looked.

"Baby, don't worry we will get through this, I promise." He said, and kissed me.

The next week went by a little too fast and we were already at the studio, waiting to go on. Him and the boys were going out first, then the other boys were leaving and I was going to come out and then we were telling the news. I was more nervous than telling my parents.

"Well, thank you boys! Niall you and Ally have some news for everyone, yeah?" Alan asked, as the boys walked back. Liam and Harry gave me a thumbs up, Louis whispered 'It will be okay.' And Zayn just smiled and mouthed 'You can do this/' I suddenly became confident.

"Yeah, Ally, come on out!" Niall said. I sat beside him on the couch and waited for the most dreadful question.

"What do you have to tell us?" Alan asked.

"Well Alan, Ally and I are expecting a baby. She is due in November and we couldn't be happier." Alan gasped.

"Niall Horan!" He yelled, everyone laughed. Alan looked at my hand.

"What's that Ally?" He asked. I looked at Niall and he nodded.

"Were also engaged." I said and smiled. We heard a bunch of 'Awes' in the crowd. I blushed.

"So Niall, first a baby, then marriage. Aren't you a little young?" Alan asked.

Niall shook his head, "No, I love Ally with all my heart."

Alan smiled, "Well thanks for joining us! See you later boys, and nice meeting you Ally." I smiled and shook his hand.

When we got home, I was feeling a lot better now that the world knew. Niall said I just can't get on twitter because they was my mood swings are, I will get stressed out. I'm glad Niall is the one I'm in love with, he treats me better than anyone ever did.

"Nialler, thanks for everything. You keep me grounded, and I couldn't ask for anyone better."

He smiled, "Thank you for coming into my life." He said and kissed me. My hormones also sky rocketed so I gave him a little gift that night. Something he would remember when he thought about the day he told the world about 'Baby Horan' and me of course. Life was great, and with Niall, I knew my life would stay like this forever. I hope so anyway.

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