I love you

This is a short one shot i wrote for the 1SHOT41D competition i hope you like it. <3


1. I love you!

I was sitting there on my little stool waiting for my next costumer to come. I'm pissed off at the fact that my boss is making me stay here and work on Valentines Day. I mean like I have a life unlike my stupid boss. the store wasn't even that busy today and all I wanted to do was see my boyfriend. I was sitting there and i heard a familiar little ding informing me that I just got a text. I checked my phone to see it was from Niall. 

To: Victoria
Sorry babe! I'm still working at the studio with the boys. I hope you have a good night I won't be back until late. I love you! I'm really sorry. <3
From: Nialler

To: Nialler
It's okay have fun with the boys tells them i said hi. I love you
From: Victoria

I mean I love Niall and I find it amazing that he is living out his dream of being a singer but sometime it's a bit overwhelming at the fact that he is always working. After being with him for 2 years I kind of got used to the fact but I still like him around. So me and Niall both had to work. I was just sitting there until i heard a little chime and I looked to see a guy walk in. He walked over to where the flowers were he picked out this beautiful bouquet of roses my favouirte. He walked over to me and he payed me for the flowers. 

"You buying for a special lady?" I asked. He just smiled and nodded. He left and once again I was left alone again. I was working and eventually 5:00 came around and finally i was done. I got my bag and headed to my car. I headed back home and I pulled into my drive way to my house that me and Niall shared well when he wasn't on tour. I got out of the car and i walked up to the door and unlocked it. As soon as I got in I saw this little table with a little piece of paper on it. I looked down to see red rose petals all over the ground. I took off my shoes and i walked up to the table and i picked up the table and i picked up the little note and it said:

Go upstairs and get ready! 

I followed the little red petals all the way upstairs and it lead starlight to my room. I opened the door to see my bed covered with the most beautiful red dress I've ever seen and I fell in love with it. I took a shower and when i was done i came out of the washroom. I curled my hair and i put on some foundation, mascara and eyeliner. When I reached for my make-up there was another note.

Your so beautiful and you don't need any of the make-up

I smiled from the little note and I opened my door and i walked back down the stairs and there was another little pathway of rose petals that led to the living room. I was looking down following the petal when i saw a pair of shoes. I looked up slowly seeing my gorgeous right in front of me wearing a black tux and he had his hands behind his back. I walked closer to him and as I did he moved his hand from behind his back to reveal a bouquet of roses all different colors and they were beautiful. I walked up to him and gave him a hug.

"You really think i would leave you alone on Valentines day beautiful?" Niall asked.  

I couldn't say anything i was at lost for words he was too sweet. I went and gave him a big kiss and he kissed me back. When we pulled back he grabbed my hand and lead me over to the dining area. There was a very delicious looking food on the table. I went and sat down as Niall walked over and pushed me in my chair for me. He walked over to the other seat and sat down across from me. 

Me and Niall were sitting there eating and since we were eating spaghetti we did that little scene from the Lady and the Tramp. People might think that it was cheesy but i thought it was totally adorable and i really wasn't afraid to act like a dork in front of Niall. We were just sitting there eating and talking when Niall started to talk. 

"I remember when my Dad told me he proposed to my mom on Valentines day and i just thought i always wanted to do the same. What I'm saying is that i love you! Victoria Kelly will you Marry Me?" Niall said getting down on one knee taking out one of the most beautiful rings i ever seen. 

"Yes i would love to marry you Niall" I said. He slid the ring on my finger and he picked me up and spun me around while kissing me. He put me back down.

"I love you" Niall said.

"I love you too" I said back. 


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