Family Lies

Makenna Rose was put into a foster home at an only the age of 2 months. She has been living with her adoptive family. She has two adoptive sisters, Ryleigh Grace and Layla Ellise. Makenna's life is going great, untill one day shes shifting through the attic and finds her birth certificate and everything goes down hill from there.


2. That girl.

I am finally ready for school, after an hour of hard work maybe today Efrem will notice me..  I grabbed my car keys, cell phone, slipped on my shoes and walked out the door.  Ryleigh and Layla were already chilling in my car with the radio cranked all the way up.

"Jesus, loud enough?" I asked

"Huh!?" Layla asked

I gave them both a little glare and turned the radio down.

"The fuck man!?" Ryleigh yelled

"No music, remember." I said. "I have glasses."

Ryleigh busted out laughing.  That was something said in a really stupid movie.  And every time someone listens to music I tell them I can't cause I have glasses, when I really don't. We finally arrived at school and Ryleigh met up with the popular crowd, Layla met up with the smart and pretty people.  And me? Yeah, I met up with all the sport fanatics.  The ones that aren't really that pretty. The ones that never get asked to dances.  Yeah, thats me.  I don't care about my appearances that much.  I focus on my sports and of course, Efrem.  But hes in the popular crowd with Ryleigh.  She has a better chance with Efrem than me.  But shes dating the captain of the football team, Jacob.  My "friends" Mikayla and Lacie are in the smart and pretty crowd.  And thats about all who talks to me.  Like you know that one really awkward kid in class that keeps to herself and only worry's about sports? Yeah, That is so me. 

"Hey hoe." Rachel from the popular crowd said to me.

"Hi." I said quitly.

"Look at me when I'm speaking to you!" She yelled towards me

"No!" I yelled back

I looked her straight in the eye.

"Speak bitch." I yelled at her.

"Erm, erm." She could barely get her words out.

"Thats right." I said walking away

Her little group of faggots ran over to me.  They started throwing punches, kicking me, hitting me, spitting nasty names at me.  Knocking my books out of my hand.

"ROT IN HELL!" Yelled a guy.  And tthat guy happens to be Efrem

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