Family Lies

Makenna Rose was put into a foster home at an only the age of 2 months. She has been living with her adoptive family. She has two adoptive sisters, Ryleigh Grace and Layla Ellise. Makenna's life is going great, untill one day shes shifting through the attic and finds her birth certificate and everything goes down hill from there.


3. Are we related?

Of course I just stayed laying in the corner by the boys bathroom.  I was just about to pull the trash can infront of me so I could stay there forever.  But then this boy came dashing out of bathroom.  His pants had a little rip in them,  his golden brown hair fell just the right way.  He was about to throw his half eating apple. He tossed it in the garbage but missed.  It fell right to the floor and landed right by my head.  He leaned to pick up the apple then saw me just laying there on the ground.  He put his hand out for me to grab ahold of his hand.

"Thanks." I said grabbing his hand.

"Welcome." He said. "My names Patrick"

"Hello Patrick." I said "I'm Mckenna."

"Hello Mckenna." Patrick said

Patrick picked my books up from the ground handed me to them and offered to walk me to class.. Patrick is in the sporty popular group.  This is why its so suprizeing that he would want to walk me, a sporty girl thats not even pretty to class.  As we were walking to class people kept calling me horrible names & now are saying that Patrick is desperate cause he will date a fat pig like me.  We finally got down the hallway to my class. 

"Bye." He said giving me a hug.

"Thanks for the hug." I said smiling. "I really needed that." 

Patrick walked off down the hallway.  I walked into the room an saw the two most popular girl in the whole school sitting in the very back.  I sat a few seats in front of them.  Of course they had there fancy cell phones out, they were yelling and laughing and no one was yelling at them.  The guys were drooling over them.  I'm suprized they didn't fall out of there chairs. 

"Oh my god!" Said one of the girls. "Look how hot this guy is!!"

"Whoa!" the other girl said. "Who is that!?"

"Uhm, it says Zayn Malik." She said

I jumped out of my chair.

"ZAYN MALIK!?!?" I yelled

"Yes..." She said

"He was in the biggest boy band ever." I said "You know, One Direction."

"Oh, well hes hot & he kinda looks like you." She said

"Yeah!  But you're not hot!" Said the other girl laughing.

I kept thinking about what those girls said, that Zayn Malik looks like me.  Are we related?  Do we know each other??

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