Family Lies

Makenna Rose was put into a foster home at an only the age of 2 months. She has been living with her adoptive family. She has two adoptive sisters, Ryleigh Grace and Layla Ellise. Makenna's life is going great, untill one day shes shifting through the attic and finds her birth certificate and everything goes down hill from there.


1. Doorstep Baby

I've never really know who my real family is, all I know is that they didn't want me.  I've always wondered who my Mother and Father were.  I've never been told who they were.  I've never seen pictures or even my birth certificate.  The only story I've heard was that, when I was about 2 months old I was dropped of at my adoptive mothers door.  Yes, I was a doorstep baby.  And that I had a note attached to my basket which was my birth certificate and a letter saying what happened.  And I have yet to see either.  I have 3 week till summer break, my sisters Ryleigh and Layla will be going to England for break.  This is the only thing exciting  I have ever done!  Its Sunday now & only 3 more weeks till we'll be boarding our plane off to England. 

*School Time.*

"Mckenna!  Get up, its time for school." Yelled my mother. 

Here in my house its a battle.  The first one up gets the best breakfast and takes the warmest shower.  And today, that just happens to be me.  I jump up out of bed, grab my clothes and head for our bathroom.  I turn on the shower and hop in.


"Mckenna!  Get out of the shower you hoe!" Yelled Ryleigh

"No way faggot." I yelled back

"Watch your words!" Yelled our mother.

Ryleigh and I both started to laugh. I hopped out of the shower, dried off, got dressed and headed to my room to put on my face & do my hair.  What should I do with my hair today?  Theres this boy I like at school and his name is Efrem, he has blond hair that falls just the right way, blazing blue eyes and he is just beautiful.  But he will never notice a girl like me, ever.

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