Give Me Love

Lissie lost her hope and her trust in people a long time ago, but will he help her regain her trust and how will her feeling develops for him?


1. Give me Love


As I walked through the park, my guitar slung over my shoulder and my hands in my pockets, I sighed at the number of young couples either sitting on the grass, or walking slowly hand-in-hand together, happily enjoying each others company on the one day of the year where people celebrate their love for one special person in their lives; Valentines Day. I was happy for them, but it was the one day of the year I hadn't had the oppourtunity to spend with someone dear to me. I reached a more private, secluded area of the park and sat down on a wooden bench before I pulled my 3/4 guitar from its gig bag, positioning my fingers on the strings and beginning to play.   

" Give a little time to me,we'll burn this out,

We'll play hide and seek, to turn this around,

All I want is the taste that your lips allow,  


My my, my my oh give me love,

My my, my my oh give me love"  


I closed my eyes and let my fingers glide along the frets, filling every word I sang with meaning and emotion, getting lost in the melody and imagining what it would be like to really, truly be in love someone. The song came to a close and I let the last chord ring out as I slowly opened my eyes, bringing my thoughts back to reality.   

"That was...amazing." Breathed a soft, male voice next to me, making me jump. I turned my head quickly and took in the features of the smiling, blonde haired, blue eyed guy who had listened intently as I played. I had been too absorbed in the song to realise he had sat next to me on the bench, listening to me singing. Oh god, he heard me singing. Okay, I loved to sing and play guitar, but I never played to anyone, not even my parents; I'm definitely not confident enough, and I hated performing to an audience, meaning being the center of attention.   

"Really, it was. Your voice is something else." He continued, his smooth Irish voice becoming increasingly familiar.  

"Erm...thanks?" My voice shook slightly as I forced the words out of my mouth, knowing it was nowhere near as good as he was making it out to be.  

"Play something else?"   I shook my head, imagining the horrifying thought of playing to him. "Why not?" He pouted, feigning hurt.  

"Because I don't like performing." I shrugged, fiddling with my fingers nervously.   

"Its only me though?" He smiled, trying to lighten my nerves. "What if I get to know you first? Then will you play?"  

"Maybe..." I sighed, knowing he wasn't going to give in.  

"Okay, let's start with your name?"  

"Lissie. What about you?"  

"You don't know? It's Niall?"   That's when it clicked. No wonder his face was familiar. But the worst thing was, a member of the biggest boyband in the world, heard me sing. This just gets better and better doesn't it - note the sarcasm. I nodded knowingly before replying,

"You can tell I'm blonde can't you." I smiled.   He laughed reassuringly as he began to speak,

"Pretty blonde though. How old are you?"  

"16, likewise?" I blushed.  

"19, any boyfriends?" I laid the guitar down across my lap and shrunk back into the bench slightly when he mentioned the thing I was most embarrassed about.

"None." I whispered, only just audible to Niall. His reaction was genuinely shocked, but he said nothing more about it, continuing his little game of twenty questions until he was eventually stuck for things to ask about me. Because I was very shy towards people in general, I was surprised at how much I opened up to him, telling him things that a lot of people who did know me, didn't know about me. I felt something that I hadn't felt in a very long time, trust. Maybe, just maybe I could spend this Valentines day with someone special to me, even if he didn't feel the same way.     

"Okay, enough questions. You look cold, do you want to go get a hot chocolate or something?"   I smiled up at him and nodded as I stood up and slipped my guitar into its , slinging it over my shoulder. He grinned at my response as he joined my side, walking along the pathway leading to the high street.

We stopped at a nearby coffee shop, both of us ordering hot chocolates before sitting down at one of the little tables lined up against the window.  

"So how come you were sitting on your own?"  

"I just like to go sit in that little secluded part of the park and sing, it just let's me think and clear my head I suppose. How come you were on your own?  

"Just like you, thinking. What were you thinking about?"  

"Life." I sighed, Niall nodded knowingly as we both finished the last drops of our hot chocolates and stood up, throwing our paper cups into the bin.   

"I think I'm gonna have to head home now, I kind of just stormed out." Niall looked slightly disheartened by this, but his face soon brightened up again just before he spoke,  

"Can I walk you home?"  

"You don't have to, its really not far from here."  

"I'd like to though."   

"If you want." I had to admit, it would be nice to have some company on the way home for once. Its not that I don't have any friends, I do, but I dont really talk to them outside of school.

As we walked back to my house, we exchanged numbers in the hope of staying in contact with each other.

"This is me."

I sighed as I stopped outside of the cream house at the end of the road, the parking spot empty signalling that my step dad Steve was out, thank god. "Thank you for a lovely day!" I smiled up at him, his forehead showing signs of anxiety. 

"Thank you too, I'd love to do it again some time?"

"Me too." I didn't realise Niall had edged closer towards me until our faces were literally inches apart. Before I knew it, Niall's soft, pink lips were pressed gently against mine and butterflies were shooting though my body. Too soon, Niall pulled away and rested his forehead against mine. Looking up into his blue irises I smiled and whispered,

"Thank you"

"Your beautiful, you know that? Please, be my valentine, be mine?"  

I paused, unsure of how to respond to the angel in front of me, before I nodded, smiling from ear to ear. I blushed as he wrapped his arms around my waist, lifting me up and spinning me round, giving me a quick peck on the lips before releasing me and allowing me to walk up to my front door. As I pushed the key into the lock, the realization hit - I had a boyfriend. 

For the first time in a very, very long time, Niall had given me hope, hope that maybe I could fall in love with someone...that maybe I could fall in love with him...

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