Snapbacks & Lip Gloss

I've been playing matchmaker or 'Cupid' for a couple of years now, and I never had a real Valentine's Day. Usually I could be perfectly content staying at home, watching films, but this year I want to change all of that. I want to know what love feels like, and just get that special feeling inside. This year everything will change, just because of one piece of paper. Maybe this year, I will find my special Valentine. Maybe Mr. Payne, you could be my special Valentine. (For 'Valentine's Day with 1D' or '1SHOT41D' competition.)


1. Snapbacks & Lip Gloss

“I don’t care about him anymore. I’m leaving him today for you.” I heard a girl say on her mobile phone.

She dropped a small piece of paper, letting it slowly drift down onto the ground. She eventually strolled away, and I walked over to the piece of paper and picked it up.

On the slip of paper it read,


            Meet me at 1300 Chatham St. at 6:00PM. -Liam xx


I felt a tinge of sorrow towards this Liam guy. That girl just used him until a better offer came up.

All of my friends were out with their dates that I had set up for them like usual on Valentine’s Day. While during the last couple of years I have been spending my Valentine’s Day alone, watching films, and playing ‘Cupid’ for all of my other friends.

I had nothing better to do today, so why not be ‘Cupid’ for one more person. The best thing I could do for him would be to just tell him about his now ex-girlfriend. Maybe his Valentine’s Day can be slightly better than mine.


I was standing in front of a door, at the location that was written on the slip of paper, the cold February air nipping on the tip of my nose.

“Hello?” I timidly said through the door.

“Come in.” Someone seductively responded from the other side of the door.

I thought the thing waiting on the other side of the door was probably not going to be very PG, but I was completely wrong.

When I opened the door, on the other side was the most sweet and romantic thing I have seen. There was the Liam lad standing in the middle of a candle lit room with a single white rose in his hand and the most charming smile on his face. But when I entered the room, his smile disappeared into a look of confusion.

“I’m sorry.” I blurted out.

“What are you sorry for?” He questioned.

“Well, I’m suspecting that the girl you gave this to, is cheating on you.” I handed him the slip of paper.

His face dropped. “Oh.” Was all he could say.

“I’m sorry,” I said once again, “I just thought it would be better that you found this out now instead of later.

He stayed silent and nodded slightly.

“Okay,” I sighed,” Well, if that’s it, I’ll be going now.”

I turned around facing the door and slowly ambled towards it.

“Wait,” Liam choked out, “Please stay. I don’t want to be alone on Valentine’s Day.”

“Why? I barely know you.” I questioned, surprised by what he had just said.

“Because you actually cared enough to come tell me, and it seems like you have no one else to go to either.” Liam stated.

He did have a good point, I thought to myself.

“Okay, I’ll stay.” A smile spread across his face once I said that, and he handed me the rose in his hand.

“Great,” He beamed, “So what’s your name lo--?” The smoke detector interrupted him, beeping non-stop because of the candle smoke.

I grabbed a magazine off of his coffee table trying to fan away the smoke from the smoke detector, standing on the table while Liam blew out all of the candles. The room became dark after all of the candles were blown out, and I managed to lose my balance causing myself to fall onto the couch. Liam tried to catch me, but ended up falling on top of instead.

“Umm,” I mumbled, pointing out our awkward position.

“Oh, Sorry,” Liam said while getting off of me with a bit of guilt in his voice, “So, I never did get your name.”

“It’s Harper.” I replied while fixing my shirt.

“So Harper, I was wondering, maybe we should celebrate Valentine’s Day with some champagne?” He smirked, walking towards the kitchen.

“Sounds good,” I said, “But I thought it was more of a New Years thing?”

“It is,” He chuckled, “But I think it’s appropriate for this occasion.”

Liam brought out the champagne and poured us each a glass.

“Aren’t you from some famous boy band?” I asked him, noticing that he looked strangely familiar.

“Yes, I'm Liam Payne from One Direction.” He stated proudly with a grin on his face.

“Okay Mr. Payne, that’s where I know you from. So, how do we drink this? Do we just down it?” I question, highly unfamiliar on how to drink it.

I raised the glass up to my lips, and right when I was about to chug the champagne, Liam stopped me.

“No no, you have to inhale the exquisite scent of the champagne and enjoy the sensation. Let it sink in and take over your senses.” Liam explained, slowly sipping the champagne from his glass.

“Okay, Mr. Etiquette, let’s see if that works.” I joked.

I closed my eyes and raised the glass to my lips again. Breathing in the scent of champagne overwhelmed my senses, and I couldn’t take it. I had to just drink it all.

“Screw this,” I yelled, throwing my arms up in defeat, “I’ve never been the one to have a lot of class.”

Liam looked at me weirdly, but he decided to just go along with me.

“Bottoms up!” I shouted.

We both downed our glasses of champagne. And one after another we were both deliriously happy. We weren’t anywhere near drunk, but we weren’t exactly sober.

“I like your snapback.” I pointed out suddenly.

“You can have it,” Liam replied, “Under one condition.”

“Okay, what’s your one condition?” I asked.

“If I give you my snapback,” He put his snapback onto my head, “You have to give me something to remember today by, the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had.”

“Hmm okay, it’s a deal, because I really do like this snapback,” I shoved my hand in my pocket, “How about I give you my lip gloss?”

“Okay, deal.” Liam said.

I opened my lip gloss and rubbed it onto his lips.

“Gorgeous.” I giggled while kissing my fingertips.

“Haha, very funny.” He replied sarcastically.

He grabbed the lip gloss out of my hands and then smeared it all over my cheeks.

“Oh, you’re on now Payne.” I said ready for a competition.

I swiped my lip gloss back from him and wrote ‘Loser’ in big letters on his forehead. I looked at Liam’s face and laughed at my work. Liam rolled his eyes and laughed along. He took the lip gloss from me again, and he wrote ‘Weird’ on my forehead in big letters also. We looked at each other, and we both couldn’t stop laughing at our lip gloss covered faces.

“It seems like we have used up all of the lip gloss.” I pointed out during the middle of our laughing session.

“I think I need something else to remind me of today then.” Liam said.

“And what would that be Mr. Payne?” I mocked him.

“Kiss me.” He stated seriously.

“But you’d taste like cherry.” I giggled.

“Just kiss me.” He repeated, our eyes locking.

I became serious and leaned into Liam. Our lips were centimeters apart, and I could feel his breath. He quickly closed the small gap in between us, quickly crashing his lips onto mine. The taste of his lips overcame the taste of the cherry lip gloss that I smeared all over him.

I got that feeling inside of me that I’ve been waiting so long for. This year I had a real Valentine’s Day. This year I found my special Valentine. This year Liam Payne was my special Valentine. Our lips finally unlocked, and we looked longingly into each other’s eyes.

“Happy Valentine’s Day.” I softly whispered to him.



Hope you liked my first one-shot ever. I really hope my entry for the '1SHOT41D can be one of the winners, so fingers crossed. Like, Comment, and Favorite.



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