Love and hate...both come from the heart. Both have the power to drive a person completely over the edge. So in a way, they're not much different. At least not for Eleanor Calder and her enemy, Louis Tomlinson. Louis has hated this girl ever since he can remember. But what happens when Louis discovers that Eleanor is being beaten and abused by her current boyfriend, James? What will happen when Louis goes away to audition for the X-Factor, only to become victim to a fatal car crash? And what happens to Louis and Harry's relationship when Harry becomes closed off and cold?

Find all these answers and more in 'Broken' a One Direction fan fiction


4. Stop It

   "Eleanor stop it, please!" I cried out, "You've had your laugh, it's not funny anymore!"

   "Oh come on Lou," she scoffed, still not removing her foot from Harry's arm, "your boyfriend can take care of himself."

   I'd learned to ignore the 'boyfriend' comments, Harry and I where close and always have been. Still, I could feel myself scowling as I watched Eleanor dig her foot even deeper into Harry's thin arm. She'd been bullying us relentlessly for the past week, nothing seemed to stop her. I couldn't at least, I'm too small. I'm the smallest in my class, making me the prime victim for jokes and pranks. Harry on the other hand, is the tallest, always has been. But he doesn't stand up for himself, he doesn't like fighting. Ever since I met him when we were younger, he had always hated fighting. He just started grade 7 at my school and the bullying has already started. 

   Now I'm seeing first hand what not standing up for yourself gets you. It's a weekend, so there's no school. Harry and I decided to go to the park and play on the swings. We were having fun, Harry was taking his turn pushing me on the swing. But then Eleanor came. She and a group of her stupid friends. It started with them spitting out petty insults and snide remarks. Which Harry and I easily ignored. Then they began throwing rocks at Harry, completely ignoring me. He stood his ground, trying his best to ignore them. But that's when Eleanor pushed him to the ground, pinching his arm against the ground with her shoe. Eleanor with her stupid high-heeled shoe, digging it into Harry's arm. Bruises were already starting to form all over his fragile body, a result of stones being thrown at him. His hair was matted with sweat and his face covered in dirt. 

   "Please," Harry whimpered suddenly, "just get off me."

   Something inside me snapped, how dare she hurt my Hazza? I lunged forward before I could stop myself. My shoulder plowed into Eleanor's back, sending her toppling to the ground. I took the advantage to pin her arms above her head, limiting her movement. Her elbow was bleeding slightly from scrapping it on the ground, but she didn't seem to notice. She was too busy staring at me, eyes wide in shock and fear. My hands tightened around her wrists, my fingernails digging deeper into her flesh until she gasped. Finally I was the stronger one, I was the one with the upper hand.

   "Harry?" I looked over my shoulder to see him slowly sitting up, "Are you alright?"

   "Your boyfriends fine!" Eleanor spits, making her friends burst into fits of laughter, "I barely touched him! Now get your fat arse off me!" 

   With one last scowl I stood and strolled over to where Harry was inspecting his wounds. I grabbed his hand, which he accepted willingly, and began tugging him towards the park exit. His footsteps were slow and staggered, so I stopped and scooped him up bridal style. He winced slightly, I could tell he's trying to hide his pain. Soon enough he relaxed into my chest, his head resting lightly on my shoulder.

   "Don't worry Hazza," I murmur, "I'm going to take you home and get you cleaned up."

   "You really shouldn't lead the poor boy on, Lou. You don't want him getting the wrong idea." Eleanor calls, another irruption of giggles. 

   Harry tenses in my arms, "You just don't know when to stop do you?" I yell in reply.

   "Oh come on Louis! You don't really believe that he's straight do you?" one of her friend's scoffs.

   Harry tenses more, I can see the tears forming in his eyes, "Please get me out of here Boo," he whispers.

   "I will HazzaBear," I whisper, "I'm sorry this happened."


   "Louis." I feel a prodding in my side, "Louis wake up."

   I jolt awake, hitting my forehead off something really hard. My eyes slowly take in the environment around me. The sun is just starting to peer through the window, brightening the room more and more by the second. Harry's groaning snap me back to the weight on my stomach. He's sitting lazily on my ribs, one leg on either side of my body. He's not heavy enough to hurt me but heavy enough for me to notice. Both his hands are covering face. What?

   "Whats wrong Hazza?"

   "You hit me in the nose with your-" his hand drop from his face, eyes curious and teasing, "You called me Hazza."

   I quirk an eyebrow, "So?"

   "You haven't called me Hazza since we were 14 years old." he stated, giggling as he taps my nose.

   He's right, I think back to the dream. I haven't, I've been calling him Hazz a lot lately, "I guess you're right. It's just in my dream I called you Hazza a lot, I guess it just kinda slipped out."

   "What were you dreaming about BooBear?" he murmurs.

   I smile when I heard my old nickname, "Remember that time Eleanor beat you up in the park? The time her and her friends threw stones at you, and....y'know."

   His shoulders sagged at the memory, "I thought we swore never to speak of that."

   "I know, I'm sorry." I murmur, slowly working my fingers through his curls.

   He's silent for a moment, drawing patterns on my shoulder with the tips of his fingers. I break the silence and murmur, "After that you were different, you stood up for yourself. You got in fights, a lot. You even joined the football team. Why?"

   I watched carefully for his reaction, it's a question I've wanted to ask him for so long. I was too afraid to ask him until now, I was afraid of how he would react and afraid that he would get mad. But what's done is done, there's no taking it back.

   His fingers freeze for a moment before his eyes meet mine, "I got into fights because you always seem to have a way of getting your ass in trouble, as I explained to you before. As for joining the football team, I guess it's just a coincidence."

   I nod slowly, "That makes sense I suppose," then add with a cheeky smile, "my jock in shining armor always comes to my rescue."

   He winks at me and blows a kiss, making us both burst into laughter. Yeah, I know, we're close. I know exactly why people bully Hazz for apparently being gay. Though I don't understand why I don't, I'm probably worse than him. I'm definitely more handsy and I don't exactly dress like other guys. Long story short, we both have gay tendencies but we're not gay. I only ever act that way around him anyway. He's my Hazza and I'm his BooBear, it's always been that way. We're like the two musketeers.

   Harry suddenly springs off of me and dashes into the bathroom, cursing under his breath, "Look at the time Lou! We're gunna be late for school!"


   Eleanor's POV.

   "I had fun last night babe."

   "Yeah, me too." I did, it wasn't so bad, not as bad as I thought it was going to be at least.

   He took me out to a local Italian restaurant, which was really nice. I had the chicken parmesan while James ordered pasta with pesto sauce. After dinner he drove me to the cinema like he promised. To be honest, I don't know the title of the movie we saw. It was some kind of action movie with a lot of fighting and explosions, James can only be a gentleman for so long. When the movie was over he drove me home, oddly enough he didn't try anything even though both my parents weren't home.

   My mother had arranged for me to stay at James' house, so I'm yet to obtain clothes that actually fit. Currently, I'm wearing one of James' old t-shirts and boxer shorts. My hair is loosely tied in a bun since it's only six thirty in the morning. My slippers make soft scratching sounds as I shuffle around the kitchen.

   "We should just skip today," James' husky voice rumbles suggestively in my ear, "we would have way more fun here."

   I feel his hand slowly begin to creep under my shirt and I swat it away quickly, "You know we can't do that, my parents would find out."

   He lets out an amused huff of breath, "You're such a goody goody."

   I chuckle at his word choice, "Perhaps I am, but I'm still going to school, I don't care if you make me walk."

   Suddenly I feel myself being pushed into the counter, "You'd better care. If you drive me to that point, you won't be walking, you'll be crawling." he growls, "Now you had better finish up in here and get your skinny ass upstairs, I'll be waiting." 

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