Love and hate...both come from the heart. Both have the power to drive a person completely over the edge. So in a way, they're not much different. At least not for Eleanor Calder and her enemy, Louis Tomlinson. Louis has hated this girl ever since he can remember. But what happens when Louis discovers that Eleanor is being beaten and abused by her current boyfriend, James? What will happen when Louis goes away to audition for the X-Factor, only to become victim to a fatal car crash? And what happens to Louis and Harry's relationship when Harry becomes closed off and cold?

Find all these answers and more in 'Broken' a One Direction fan fiction


3. I Guess

   Eleanor's POV.

   The heavy ran dampened the concrete pavement as I walked home. My head swam with thoughts of the day's events.  Louis' odd behavior. His hug in the library. James' cruel words afterwards. Everything was just so jumbled and messed up. Well, except for James. He always spoke that way to me. No matter what I did to try and please him, he was always heartless. There's no other word for it.

   I remember the last time he beat me. He had come home drunk with some random chick attached to his lips. They were equally plastered and didn't even realize I was sitting on the couch, watching television. It's easy to say that I was disappointed and maybe even a little heartbroken. I know he didn't love me the way I want to be loved, but I didn't think he would cheat on me so openly. He didn't even try to hide it. I stayed awake all that night listening to their noise, unable to sleep. Honestly, you'd think that they were caged animals up there. The sounds they were making didn't sound at all human. 

   A loud laugh broke me from my thoughts. I hadn't realized the rain stopped until then. A light fog started to fall over the streets of London. Not enough to block the view of my surroundings, but enough to blur it slightly. Another joyful laugh echoed through the silence, drowning out the chirping of the birds. My eyes scanned the houses around me. Suddenly I see Louis and a curly haired boy I know only too well. Harry. He's the reason Louis hates me. Yes, a lot of it is my fault, but I've changed. They were walking and laughing happily. I couldn't help but realize Louis' relaxed attitude around this boy. It makes me realize how different he acts at school. He's so reserved and serious, only ever smiling around his friends. I don't think I've ever heard him laugh for real. Sure, I've heard him laugh at me when he pulled his petty pranks. Like the one time he filled my locker with bull frogs. But I've never heard him laugh for something that's genuinely funny and not at someone else's expense.

    I watched quietly for a few more minutes until they entered a house at the end of my street. One of them must live really close to me. 

   Finally I arrived at my familiar red brick, single car garage townhouse. The white window frames and grey shingled roofing gave it a warm homey feel. I quickly stepped up the front porch steps and clipped my keys off of my backpack. The second the door swung open I could tell something was wrong. My suspicions were confirmed the second I walked into the living room. My mother was sitting on the couch, sipping tea and talking to the boy on the couch opposite to her. I stood in silence as he slowly lowered the tea cup from his lips and placed it on the table. He must have heard me enter the room because he turned and immediately met my eyes.

   "Hello love," James murmured with a smile, "I'm taking you out tonight."


   Louis' POV.

   "I just don't understand what you're getting so working up about, Boo." Harry muttered as he slipped a disk into the x-box.

   "You didn't see what he was doing to her." I grumbled from my spot on Harry's bed, "It was awful."

   I shuddered at the mere thought and I know Harry noticed because he instantly sat on the bed next to me, wrapping me into his warm embrace. I instinctively leaned into his chest and rested my head on his shoulder. Harry always made me feel better, he was always there when I needed him. We've only been best friends since I was 6 years old, he was 5. Even though he was a year younger than me and went to a different school, he was always the one to make me feel better when I was upset.

   "I'm sure it was, Lou." he murmured into my hair.

   "But the worst thing is," I suddenly say loudly, "I didn't do anything about it. I didn't even try to stop him."

   Harry pondered that for a minute as he navigated through the game options, "Well, you never did like that Calder girl much anyway. As I remember it, you've hated that girl and you still haven't told me why."

   Now it was my turn to think. Of course I remember why I hated her, I'm surprised Harry himself doesn't remember. She had bullied us and picked on him for years. She used to beat him for god's sake! He knew her before I did, but he would always tell me about the girl who teased him. Eleanor and the rest of his school bullied him for being 'gay.' Which of course, is stupid. Harry's as straight as a ruler. So when Harry came to my school when I was in grade 8, he was in grade 7, I was able to protect him. I began to get my revenge on Eleanor, I pulled pranks and teased her a lot. I hated her so much for what she did to Harry. 

   But over the years, the hate has kind of faded. It's still there, no doubt. But it was so long ago, she deserves a second chance I suppose. She's just fun to prank though too, I guess that's why I keep doing it.

   "I don't hate her," I admitted softly, "She's fun to prank that's all."

   Harry only hummed in response as he quickly pressed random buttons on his controller. Suddenly he threw his head back as he burst out laughing. Only then do I realize that he just shot me in the game, killing me.

   "Hazz!" I whine, "You're not even listening to me!"

   "Yes I was!" he protested quickly, suddenly becoming serious, "You just like to prank her. But are you sure that's all you feel?"

   "Honestly," I sigh, "I'm not sure anymore. I still hate her for what she did. But today, when she hugged me, it felt so right. Like I need to be there with her to protect her from the cruelness of the world."

   Something flashed in Harry's eyes, but it was gone before I could identify it, "Maybe, I don't know, maybe you just feel sorry for her. I mean, if I saw anyone being beaten, I would feel the same way as you do now. You've seen what I can do, I've been in enough bar fights. I have you to thank for that. All those idiots who try to beat your ass."

   I had to laugh at that. It's true. He's been in more bar fights than anyone I know and I've actually lost count. But he always has a good reason. I was there for most of them and, being the cheeky sass master I am, I caused most of them. My sassy attitude only gets worse when I have alcohol running through my system.

   "But you never start them," I remind him.

   "True, I finish them." he beams with a cheeky smile.

   Once our laughter died down we focused on the game. We were silent for a few moments before I notice Harry's eyebrows knitted together and his teeth sinking into his lip, which he only does when he's deep in thought.

   "What wrong Hazz?"

   "So that's it then?" he asks suddenly, ignoring my question, "You have feelings for Eleanor?"

   At first I thought he sounded disappointed, but that doesn't make sense. Why would he be disappointed? Maybe he does remember what she did. I shrugged it off and answered his question, "Well, no I guess you're probably right. I must just feel sorry for her."

   He nods, a slow grin playing on his lips.

   "Harry, Louis?" Anne, Harry's Mother, calls from the kitchen, "Dinner's ready!"

   With that, Harry clicked off the t.v and grabbed my hand, pulling me down the stairs towards the lovely scent of Anne's home cooked meal.


   Eleanor's POV.

   "Where are we going?" I asked, eyes wide at James' bluntness. Especially in front of my Mother.

   "Oh don't worry," he cooed, "we're only going out for a short dinner and then to the cinema."

   That didn't sound half bad, it might even be fun. If I could do it with anyone other than James. I instantly remembered what happened in the library only hours before. James would definitely have something to say about that. He has something to say about everything that I do.

   James redirected his attention back to my Mother, "Is that alright with you Mrs. Calder?" he asked politely.

   "Oh of course James!" my Mother beamed, "It sounds fun."

   "Perfect, darling," he says to me, "why don't you go get ready?"

   I nodded and stepped lightly up the stairs to my bedroom. I was in auto pilot as I stripped off my top and jeans and then slipped into a red halter top with black skinny jeans to match. I topped off the outfit with cute red flats, a small red bow in my hair, and a light application of lip gloss. Might as well look my best, even if he's most likely to hit me. Or worse.

   I grabbed my purse before shuffling down the stairs and into the living room once again. James and my mother were still where I left them, sipping their tea. I barely heard anything they were saying but I did catch my name spoken once or twice.

   "Eleanor," James spoke, "you look stunning."

   I nodded a silent thank you and looked expectantly at my Mother. Wondering what they had been saying about me.

   She cleared her throat hesitantly, "Umm, Eleanor, darling, you will be staying with James for the next two week while your Father and I are on vacation."


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