From Fab to Drab

A girl who is one day living new yorkers paradise soon is on the streets what does she do ? She doesn't know how to survive alone in New York. When a young man saves her.
Main character is Izzy she's 17 and rich times a million.
The boys name is Jason he's 17 also and super poor but can hold a guest in his " Home"


1. Fab for now

Izzys pov

Ring,Ring my ipad buzzed with an email from Bella,my best friend since kindergarten. Her names Issabella too. Since we had the same name She shortened hers to Bella and mine to Izzy so we've been best friends since then. The email said Meet me at the park. I emailed her back saying thx for waking me up then got up made a latte and grabbed my ipad and turned on Call Me maybe.
I changed out of my monkey pjs and put on my pink sleaveless shirt that had a faded pink that turned to hot pink at the bottom. Then threw on my Arizona jeans. Then I threw on some silver and pink zebra striped converse boots.I grabbed a bagle with strawberry cream cheese spread and ran out the door to the park.
When I arrived I grabbed a flower and told her I'm sorry I didn't bring your b day present its at home.
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