The False Princess~ A Niall FanFic

Ruby isn't quite happy with the news of her sister being pregnant of Niall Horan.. Since their twins, she can pretend to be Rose.. What happens when Niall releases his princess isn't his REAL princess?! SEQUEL TO FOREVER IS A VERY LONG TIME!!!


9. What moments

" No, I'm Auntie.." I smiled. She giggled and shoved two fingers in her mouth.

" Do you want to go home already?" Zayn asked me. I didn't want to leave. I didn't want to leave Ruy.. I just couldn't.

" Can we take her with us? She still hasn't seen her mum.." He smiled and picked Ruy up.

" Let's go.." He said. He led me back to his Roger and placed Ruy in her car seat. She was so pretty! Her brown curly hair, still not very long, and her blue eyes, just like Niall's. Oh my, she's so beautiful. I got into Zayn's car and began to day dream about Ruy.

" Hey.. You okay?" Zayn asked, noticing I was in a completely different world.

" Yeah sorry.." I mumbled. I sat up straight and looked out the window. Everyone seemed so normal. Without stress and stuff.

" Did you hear about Louis's break up? It happened this morning. It was terrible." I widened my eyes.

" Who broke up first?" i asked.

" She did. She said she no longer loved him. Can you imagine that?!" Zayn sighed. That's terrible. My eyes fell back and became a bit weak. Poor louis..

" We're here.." Zayn said. I smiled. We got off the car, me in an urge to have Ruy in my arms. She is so beautiful! We have this weird contact thing. I can't imagine my life without her.

" Look who's here!" Zayn said entering the house.

" RUY!!" Niall yelled running to his daughter.

" Dwash!" she yelled. I'm guessing she meant to say 'dad'.  Niall took her by the waist and swung her in the air. He's going to be the best dad ever.

" Look Rose. Our daughter.." Rose came out of the living room, looked at the baby and scoffed.

" Isn't she the most prettiest thing in the world?!" I smiled plying with Ruy's hands.

" Um.. No.." Rose said under her breath.

" Do you want to hold her?" Niall asked. Rose pretend to laugh, then went dead serious.

" Um, no.." She said like a total full on bitch.

" Why not?" I asked a bit annoyed.

" Because I don't like babies.." 

" She's your daughter.." I said rolling my eyes.

" I don't give a fuck. She can be the president's daughter and i still wouldn't give a fuck.." Rose shoved a grape in her mouth. Annoyance and anger ran through my body. What a FUCKEN BITCH!! I just wanted to tear her head off!


Sorry for the short chapter:/ but I'm off to bed! I found out I have a fractured nose.. This is what happens when you don't watch where the ball is when playing basketball in P.E... :p haha I'm so stupid.. Yeah, but i had to get a cat scan and all that thing. So yup. Hey guys, enter my contest for my movellas: The Devil's Daughter ~ A Niall FanFic... It's pretty cool;) well, what ever little devils;) that's your guy's names for now on:))))) bye!! I'll update tomorrow after school:);):);):);) lol

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