The False Princess~ A Niall FanFic

Ruby isn't quite happy with the news of her sister being pregnant of Niall Horan.. Since their twins, she can pretend to be Rose.. What happens when Niall releases his princess isn't his REAL princess?! SEQUEL TO FOREVER IS A VERY LONG TIME!!!


10. Seduced

" Let's go Ruy!" Louis said in his baby voice. He took her up stairs a long with every one else.

" Why are you being like this?" I asked her.

" Because. You got in my life."

" You said we you were happy you see I wasn't dead!" 

" Well, after I found out all THIS, i did like you. But then, they liked you. You're so perfect. You can't be." She scoffed.

" Why?"

" But, you disgust me now. You're a drug addict, maniac, blonde." Tears began to flood out of my eyes.

" What happened to us being happy sisters?" I asked.

" That never existed and never will." Ruby smirked and walked away. Her not wanted to hold her child is one thing, but destroying my life, that's bad.

" Oh ugh, we need to go to the civil rights building in an hour." She smiled. I looked at the clock; 5:30.

 I rolled my eyes and went up stairs.

" Hey guys!" I smiled walking into the room.

" Hey!" they all said.

" So, we're are your girlfriends?" I asked the lonely boys.

" Don't have any." I gasped.

" What?!" I nearly yelled.

" Liam he ugh, he got kissed and she thought something different, Louis's girlfriend just left him, and I left my girlfriend because she told the whole fandom my hiding address." Zayn half smiled. He wiped his eyes, trying to prevent tears. 

" Ouch." I frowned.

** Liam's POV ** 

" Hey Niall, can I talk to you?" I asked getting getting up. He nodded and we walked out if the room.

" What?" He asked once we had gone into another room.

" Look, about the girl who kissed me.."

" Oh yeah! You never told us!" Niall smiled.

" Well uhg.. It was ugh.. It was Rose.. She kissed me." Niall widened my eyes.

" Rose never did that. She can't! We have a child!" 

** Real Ruby's POV **

" She kissed me.. It was Rose.." Ugh. He told.. Well, have to go get Hailey just incase he decides to call.



" hello-" She began to shut the door but i stopped her. I took out a gun and pointed it to her. She froze and backed off.

" Ahh, NOW you let me in.." I laughed.

" well, you see. Liam, he's so stupid, he went and told Niall that i kissed him. So, if you want to live, tell Niall it WASNT me.. So, you should be getting a call right"

" Hello?" Hailey answered the phone.

" Put it on speaker." I hurried her up.

" Was it Rose who kissed Liam?" Niall asked.

" N-No.." Hailey stuttered. Then they hung up. I smiled.

" Thank you. You do know I found out EVERYTHING, so if you open your mouth, one of these bullets will be right in the middle of your head.." I pretended to shoot her. She fake laughed and i left.


** Niall's POV ** 

" You faked it Liam! All just to tear us apart! Why?! Probably because you love her!" I ran off, I can't believe Liam would do that to me...


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