The False Princess~ A Niall FanFic

Ruby isn't quite happy with the news of her sister being pregnant of Niall Horan.. Since their twins, she can pretend to be Rose.. What happens when Niall releases his princess isn't his REAL princess?! SEQUEL TO FOREVER IS A VERY LONG TIME!!!


14. Ruy is my baby, not yours

** Real Ruby's POV ** 

 Me and Niall finished eating then went back home. I can't wait! Once I finish my plan of revenge, i will have every thing I have every wanted!

" Hey Ruby..?" Rose asked me.

" How many times have I told you, not to call me Ruby?! My name from now on, is Rose!" I yelled.

" But my name is Rose.." She frowned.

" Not anymore!" I laughed.

" Now, what do you want?!" I growled.

" Don't youwant rose your baby?"She asked me.

" No, get that thing away from me." I scoffed.

** Real Rose's POV ** 

 I frowned and walked away from Ruby. She's such a bitch!

" Hey Ruy!" I smiled at the baby and picked her up.

" Hi Ruby!" Niall smiled walking to me. I smiled and rocked the baby.

" Hey." I smiled. I watched as Niall took Ruy out of my hands and hugged her in those big daddy hugs. He was such a nice dad he was also very attractive..I think.. I think.. I think I like him.. But he will never like me.. Duh.

 We all three went to the living room and began to play with Ruy. She played with my blonde strands and then she would walk over to Niall and kiss his cheek.

" Mum?" Ruy stuttered.

" No, I'm Auntie.." I smiled. Me and Niall both laughed and continued to watch as Ruy ran around drunk the coffee table.

" What are you doing with my child?!" Ruby walked over and picked Ruy up.

" i thought you didn't care about her.." I talked back.

" Who said i didn't?" She scoffed. I rolled my eyes and me and Niall walked away.

" Handle your child then.. Oh, she needs to be changed too.." I smiled and walked away.. 

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