The False Princess~ A Niall FanFic

Ruby isn't quite happy with the news of her sister being pregnant of Niall Horan.. Since their twins, she can pretend to be Rose.. What happens when Niall releases his princess isn't his REAL princess?! SEQUEL TO FOREVER IS A VERY LONG TIME!!!


8. Perfect


" Hey Nikki?" I asked when i heard Nikki's voice through the other line.   " Yeah?" She asked.   " Could you come over?"    " Sure. I'll be there in a minute." I quickly hung up not letting her say another word.   **   " Hey Rose!" Nikki said hugging me.   " Hey! I thought today, we could become friends!" She smiled and nodded her head. Perfect. This is splendid, wonderful, me, Nialler, and no one else.. All the fame to my self..   " Yes!" She laughed.   " Here. Go over there where the closet is. You can hang your coat there. Just leave your bad and stuff over here." She smiled and walked over to the closet, dropping her phone and purse on the couch. She opened the closet door, and began to hang her coat. The closet was those HUGE closets that can fit about 20 people in there. I run over to closet and shut the door, quickly putting lock on it.   " ROSE! IM STUCK! HELP ME!" She yelled banging in the door. Good thing I had put sleeping gas in there. I turned the nob for the gas and it turned on. Every second that passed, the less I heard her annoying voice.    **    Nikki's been in the closet for about 3 hours. In my spare time, I painted my nails and planned on how to break them up. I grabbed Nikki's phone. I walked over to the closet and opened the door. I turned the gas off before entering. I grabbed her feet and dragged her out. Dam, she's heavy. Well, for me. I tried hard to lift her up on the chair, but succeeded. I grabbed chains, and rope. Quickly tying her up in it. I put duck tape on her mouth. She's going to wake up in about... 20 minutes.   **    I went up stairs, getting tired of watching Nikki.. I changed into some sweats, and a pink tank top. I ran back downstairs. Hearing some mumbling. She's awake. I smiled even more. Her eyes widened with shock and fear when she saw me.   " Now Nikki.." I said walking to the kitchen and getting a knife.   " You listen to me.. And follow my instructions unless you want to get hurt.." She nodded her head. While crying.   " Okay. You're going to call Boo Bear, and tell him it's over.. No its or buts.. I will hold the phone. Not you. You say what I tell you to say. Then, I'm going to give  you money for you to move to the USA.. You understand me?" She nodded her head, tears filling up her face. I grabbed her phone out of my pocket and dialled Louis's number.    I took off the duck tape from her mouth and put the phone near her. It was on speaker.   " Hello babe!" Louis's voice rang through the phone.   " Hey Louis.." she cried. I put the knife against her neck, making her speak up.   " Yes? What's wrong?!" his voice suddenly changed from happy to worried.   " Im so sorry... It's.. It's over.. I.. I-I found another guy.." She cried harder and harder.   " What?" Louis began to cry.   " So, don't look for me.. I'm going to move.. Don't call me or text me.. I won't answer. And don't track me down. If you do, it will just go worse because then you'll find out the truth.. I don't love you anymore.. It was all fake.." and with that, I hung up. I jumped up very happily.   " I did it!" I cheered.   " Did what?!" Nikki asked in disgust.   " Your mom. Now. I'll give you the money." I untied her and handed her a check worth a million dollars.   " This should be more than enough.." I said. She dried her tears and walked out.   " Oh Nikki!'' She stopped and stopped and turned around.   " i have my eyes on you. I have spies seeing every move you make. So don't do something stupid you'll be regretting. Because in this life, there's no turning back.." I smirked. She rolled her eyes and walked out of the house. Why am I so mean? It's just funny..   ** Real Rose's POV **    " Come here!" Zayn said grabbing my hand. He opened the door of a huge white house. We entered and he turned on the lights.   " Want to see Ruy?" He asked excited.   " Sure!" I was excited my self.   " Look!" Zayn said grabbing a baby out of a crib. She was so beautiful! Her curly brown hair was so shiny and well treated! Oh, and those eyes! So beautiful!   " Want to hold her?" he didn't wait for an answer. He just handed her to me. I held her in my arms. Her giggles were adorable! She was already 1 year old. She began to play with my hair. Twisting some of my blonde strands. My heart suddenly melted. The inside of me was glowing. She gave me force. But to what? Remember? The doctor said it was impossible. Was it? Ruy looked so peaceful in my arms. She was just so precious.   " You guys look perfect together." Zayn said checking us out.   " Take a picture. It'll last longer!" i joked. He laughed and took Ruy away. There is a special connection between me and Ruy. I just did the know what it is. Maybe because im her aunt. Maybe. But it feels more than that. Than I heard a word I never thought I would ever hear..   " Mum.."  
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