The False Princess~ A Niall FanFic

Ruby isn't quite happy with the news of her sister being pregnant of Niall Horan.. Since their twins, she can pretend to be Rose.. What happens when Niall releases his princess isn't his REAL princess?! SEQUEL TO FOREVER IS A VERY LONG TIME!!!


13. One night stand with Zayn

** Zayn's POV ** 

We were all alone at the house, just me and Ruby.. She was really attractive. I mean, I still LOVE Kat.. But I need something to get my mind off of her and maybe I won't have all this pain locked up inside of me.

" Hey!" Ruby said coming and sitting on the couch with me. 

" Hey!" I smiled. I began to cuddle her and she looked up at me. That's when it happened. I leaned in, and so did she.

  We both laid down, me in top. I began to slide my hand under her shirt when she twitched.

" GET off of me!" She yelled. I jumped up in shock.

" Sorry.." I mumbled.

" No.. I'm sorry.. Sorry.. I just.. I just can't do it.." She cried and ran away.

** Real Rose's POV ** 

 I began to cry super hard. What happened to me?!

 I laid down on the bed and began to touch the places Zayn had touched me. I began to rub my fingers around my cheek, then my lips.. The same way Zayn had kissed me.

* Flash Back *

" Are you sure you're ready?" He asked me.

" Im sure.." I kissed his sweet plum lips. He laid me down on the fresh grass. He planted sweet soft kisses all over my body. I played with his hair while he kissed me.

" I love you Rose.." He whispered in my ear.

" Prove it.. Scream it to the world.." I whispered back.

" I love you.." He whispered in my ear again.

" Why did you whisper it to me?" I began to get mad.

" Because you are my world Rose.." He smiled.

" I love you too N-"

* Flash Back end *

I hate that! I was about to remember his name! 

" Hey Ruby.." Zayn said knocking in my door.

" Sorry.." I mumbled.

" Its okay.. I get it.. You're not ready.." He smiled.

" We can always just be friends." I smiled. He smiled too and kissed my cheek.



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