The False Princess~ A Niall FanFic

Ruby isn't quite happy with the news of her sister being pregnant of Niall Horan.. Since their twins, she can pretend to be Rose.. What happens when Niall releases his princess isn't his REAL princess?! SEQUEL TO FOREVER IS A VERY LONG TIME!!!


3. Next day

I got up early and started to do Rose's make up.. Shit.. It's almost time for them to come. I told Rose how to act and even threatened her. I know its mean to do but.. That should have been me.

" there.." i made the final touch up on Rose's makeup. She had natural makeup and shirt shorts, a mini shirt and some sandals.

" why do I have to look like a slut?!" Rose wined.

" shut up.. Now.. Do you remember your lines?" i asked. She nodded her head as a yes.

" stay quit, only if they ask a question.. If they do, answer a random answer." she mumbled.

" good.." i smirked.. Perfect. I heard a knock on the front door and ran downstairs.

" coming!" i yelled. I ran to the door and swung it open.

" hey!" Niall said kissing my cheek. The rest of the gang came in. I gave Kat, Hailey, and Nikki a dirty glare but then walked away.

" Ruby!" i yelled.

" who's Ruby?" Zayn asked... So MANY questions!

" my room mate.." i said.

" what?" Rose asked annoyed.

" its breakfast time.. And don't look at me like that." i growled. She gave me her snotty smile and walked downstairs.

" hey I'm Harry!" Harry shook Rose's hand.

" i'm Ruby.." she looked at me when she said that and glared. I told the gang to go meet at the table and that I first needed to have a word with Rose.

" you better take that frown off your face before I do!" i yelled at her once they left.

" fine.." she mumbled. She knew that if she didn't I could do something to her. I walked away telling Rose to go back upstairs.

" hey, sorry I took so long.. Ruby smokes and drinks a lot and i told her not to." i sighed.

" she smokes?!" Harry asked worried.

" yeah.. All these weird types of drugs." i sighed again.

" wow.." he said under his breath.

" ill be right back." i got home and went upstairs.

" Rose.." i mumbled.

" what?" she asked annoyed.

" here.. Have this.." i gave her a joint and lit it up. She grabbed it giving get me a weird look but room it. She placed it in between her two lips and ducked in.. She slowly blew out. Enjoying the feeling.

" like it?" i asked. She nodded her head as a yes and kept smoking... Perfect.. Everything was going just right.

" now.. I need you to go downstairs and pretend your going to your boyfriends house to smoke.. Make your self look slutty though!" i giggled and ran back downstairs pretending to look worried.

" Whats wrong Rose?" Niall asked.

" no nothing.. Ruby's boyfriend is just a really bad influence!" i began to eat my bacon when Rose came downstairs with the joint in between her lips. She had a different shirt that made her look sluttier and some shorter shorts that showed half her butt.

" where are you going?!" i asked in a sisterly tone.

" why do you care?" she asked coldly.

" i just need to know!" i yelled back.. Dam... Love my acting skills!

" going to Brian's.." she mumbled.

" who's Brian?" Harry asked

" why do you give a fuck?" She asked..taught her well..

"missy, you're only 17.." Liam sassed.

"missy, your only 17.." Rose mimicked Liam.

" i don't care! Leave me alone!" Rose yelled and walked outside..Perfect... Everything is going just fine..


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