The False Princess~ A Niall FanFic

Ruby isn't quite happy with the news of her sister being pregnant of Niall Horan.. Since their twins, she can pretend to be Rose.. What happens when Niall releases his princess isn't his REAL princess?! SEQUEL TO FOREVER IS A VERY LONG TIME!!!


2. In our Home

** Rose's POV **

 I haven't been Able to remember anything, just a few flash backs.. But they're blurry so i can't really see them.

" Rose.." Ruby, my twin called.

" yeah?" i asked going downstairs.

" im going for the night.." she said leaving. It was already around eight at night.. And if you're wondering. Yes.. She did have one night stands, drank, smoked, everything different about me. Well, I can stand up to myself.. But she can't, the only thing she can do is smoke and hook up with dudes that she meets at the bar. I quickly walk to my room thinking how busted minister would be if someone could do out her real age.

** Ruby's POV ** 

Time to see Niall.. I knew exactly where he was going to be at. Well, what night club. I drive know to the dirty old club and park my car near by. I run inside not needing an ID because the guy knew me. I looked around the crowded place not spotting him. I just decide to dance. After all, I do love to dance. I loose my self in to many boys and lost track of why I was there.

" Rose?!" someone asked shocked.. Bingo.. Must be Niall! I turn around but.. It wasn't Niall.. It was Harry!

" H- I mean,  should are you?!" i screamed over the loud music.

" i am Harry. Oh yeah, you lost your memory.." i shook my head hoping he wouldn't notice it wasn't Rose but me.

" come here!" i followed him into a V.I.P room. He led me inside where I found about ten people.

" Rose?!" a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes asked.

" who are you?" i asked trying to make my best confused face.

" Rose.. You may not know us but.. I'm Harry, that's Zayn, that's Zayn's girlfriend Kat, that's Liam, his girlfriend Hailey, Louis, his girlfriend Nikki, don't think you met her, anyways, that's Niall.. Your boyfriend.." he said. I walked over to a VERY shocked Niall and sat next to him. I tried real hard to make my self sound like Rose.

" Its a bit shocking to know I'm with you.. Especially to find this out in a night club.." i whispered. He didn't answer.. I waved my hand in front of his face, he didn't flinch. I did again... Nothing..

" Hello?!" i asked him waving my hans in front of him again. Without answering he leaned forward and kissed me! I can't believe I'm kissing my idol!! I quickly pushed back trying to act shocked. I slapped him and got up. I had mad acting skills baby! Kat and Hailey both gasp.

" Rose.. Why would you do that?" Kat asked.. Dam..annoying people! Why so many questions?! 

" because i did.. Gotta problem?  Deal, with it." i didn't give ah, if they ended up not liking me. I got up only giving my number to Harry adding a wink and walk her out. I got in my car and drove super quickly home. I didn't drink so i wasn't drunk. As soon as I got home i jumped out of the car and ran out side. I ran to Rose's room.. Good, she was awake! I went I to my bathroom and looked for some blonde hair die. I found a couple of boxes and took them to the bathroom. I mixed all the ingredients just as told and yelled at Rose to come.

" what?" she asked annoyed.

" im dying your hair.." i didn't wait for an answer i grabbed bits and peices and just randomly filled them with dye.

" Ruby! I like my hair brown!" Rose cryed.

" oh shut up! You'll find better men like this!" i growled. I had already soaked her hair in the dye.

" done.. Just wait for about a minute then wash it off.." i said walking to the shower. I turned the water on and helped Rose get her clothes off. Once she finished it was about time. I shoved her in the shower and left. I ran to my room and took off my makeup, put my pjs on, and climbed into bed. I looked at my Iphone 5 to check the time but I had a missed call.. Must have been Harry.. I decided to re-call the number. I put it against my ear and waited.

" Hello?" a husky voice asked.

" yeah, um this is Rose.. You called?" i asked.

" oh yeah, hey Rose! It's me, Harry!" he said.

" cool.. Why did you call?" i asked.

" well, I was wondering if the boys and I could go over to your house tomorrow?" he asked. I just froze. Rose dyed her hair, I'll make her put makeup one And contacts.. Bingo.. She will totally change!

 " Sure.. Well.. Have to go bye!" i hung up before he answered.. Darn.. Forgot to give him my address! I just decided to text him. I sent him a message with my address and a good night kiss. Dam.. Who the heck did Rose hook up with?!

" Ruby.. I look terrible!" Rose yelled from the bathroom. I ran to the bathroom and laughed! Her hair was a really light color blonde! Like lady Gaga's hair! She pouted at me while I laughed.

" hey sis, I'm having guests over and i need you to put your blue contacts on, some makeup and straighten your hair!" i giggled. She sighed and shook her head yes. I kissed her cheek good night and ran to my room.. Fame here I come! I giggled to my self.

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