My love

my name is sidney and i have a boy friend named harry styles i know what yall
are thinking omg harry styles but its okay i have i very big secret so read to find

(this is my first story)


5. first day of school


beeeeeeeep and my first day of school yay (sarcasem) i got up and got dressed in a pink strapless shirt that has rips in the back and neon green skinny jeans and my sparkely boots down to my ankel and i have a pink mustang with a black strip (and skip car ride ) "oh look who it is the geek no matter how much money her daddy has she will never be pretty " my best friends maria and maggie came up to me and said "it is ok and they will never be as pretty as you" and i said "thats why i love ya"(lunch time) i went to lunch and sall my sister with her "group" they walked by and she "triped and spilt her lunch all over my new outfit i yelled at her "you stupid whore" she said " at least i get me some" and maria and maggie helped me to the bathroom to go to change and i went home after that then i decided to go to the mall and get my hair dyed blond with pink tips and got a whole new wardobe and by the time i got home mariah was there and said "so since you dyed your hair blond wanna be on the cheer squad?" i said "of course i mean i do look hot now!" "yeah wanna go get you some contacts?" "but i like my glasses" "well if you wanna be on the squad then you need to ditch the glasses" "okay fine but im going to be co-captain or im not gonna be on" "okay good cuz i know your flexible and you got a nice booty haha" "okay lets go get those contacts now!"(next day) when i woke up and looked in the merror i was scared because i forgot what i did the night before but then i relized i was the one that did this so i woke mariah up and told her to come pick me out an outfit so she picked out a tight short dress with sparkly high hills and she did my make up so i looked amazing then i let her go get ready and when she came back she looked stunning she asked me "hey nicky wanna ride in my comaro today with me?" "yeah sure sis" (skip car ride)when we got to school everyone was staring at us and when i walked in to the school all eyes were on us asking "whos that girl" "is she the new kid" "dang she is hot" "but mariah is still hotter" "dang she single" "whats your digits babe" when we got to the gym mariah had me stand in the middle with her as she announced that it was me nicole and that i am new co-cap and everyone was staring like there was something on my face and i wasnt used to this attention so im pretty sure i was turning a little red while she was explaining why i was the new co-cap so i have been with my "group" all day and harry styles actually came up to me and talked to me but what i didnt know was he was gonna ask mariah out after he got done talking to me so i was bumbed all day and to top it off at cheer practice i sall mariah and harry kissing and she knows i like him so my mission is to steal him yeah i kinda sound like a slut but hey what can i say he is hot...

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