Flash Mobbed (1D fan fic)

Hayden Forge from New York has always been known as the shy quiet girl. But what people don't know about her is that she has a big secret, she the leader of a flash mob. Boom is the most well known and successful flash mob in all of America. They're YouTube sensations and whenever they perform, everyone stops to watch. Of course nobody knows that it's her because she wears a mask, not even the 15 members of the mob know who she really is. Everyone just calls her Hazy. She dances and sings and it makes her feel like she can do anything. She loves the attention. She loves the looks on the surprised audience's faces when they see her and hear her.
When One Direction arrives in New York, Hayden decides to use the mob and herself to show them who runs the city. She and the mob perform 1D's hit songs and even catches the eye of Liam Payne. But how can he catch the attention of a girl with no identity?


3. The Performance

     I  spent all Friday at the Abandoned Warehouse going over the routine with the crew and memorizing the lyrics to the song. Now it was finally time. We were all spread around Times Square waiting for Bex to start the music. I had to act natural as I stood in the center of  Times Square, that's kind of hard to do when you're wearing a masquerade mask. I was getting looks from all around. The crew were all wearing jeans and polo's, I was wearing a pink sundress with silver Converse. Bex began to play the music, we danced. People diverted their attention to us as we gathered in the center of the square. Jackie rigged the cameras and got us up on all of the electronic billboards. I began to sing, people took out their cell phones and recorded. 

"You're insecure,"
The group began to unite in the center as I sang 

"Don't know what for," 
We were all together now. I adjusted my head piece so it wouldn't fall loose off of my head.

"You're turning heads when you walk through the door,"
The crew slid to the left and turned their heads to me as I walked right.

"Don't need make-up,To cover up,"

We regrouped in the center.

"Being the way that you are is enough,"

We shuffled around, Brad picked me up by my waist and carried me forward. He placed me down on my feet.

As the song continued, more on-lookers gathered around us. They watched with astonished looks on their faces. I smiled, I liked being the center of attention. They took out their phones and Videoed us. This was the largest crowd we have ever had. 

As the song came to an end, we dashed away and into our vans. We all split into three different ones. I smiled out of breath. The vans speed away quickly, If the NYPD were to catch us it would be the end of Boom. 

     That night we were all over the news. Every channel was covering the story of Boom's comeback. Jean, channel 13's news anchor reported. 

"Not only does New York have the honor of having the world's most popular boy band staying here, but the well known flash mod group of New York, Boom, made their comback today performing One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful. With views on YouTube already reaching over one million views after only three hours of posting.Will we be seeing any more of them? Well One Direction's own Liam Payne tweeted after seeing the video 'What a fantastic performance! Been watching Boom vids all day! obsessed!' Maybe there will be another. I guess we will just have to wait and see. If you did not catch their performance today, here it is." They played the video. I chuckled and shut the tv off. I should probably do some research on these british boys. Boom is going to show them who's boss.


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