Flash Mobbed (1D fan fic)

Hayden Forge from New York has always been known as the shy quiet girl. But what people don't know about her is that she has a big secret, she the leader of a flash mob. Boom is the most well known and successful flash mob in all of America. They're YouTube sensations and whenever they perform, everyone stops to watch. Of course nobody knows that it's her because she wears a mask, not even the 15 members of the mob know who she really is. Everyone just calls her Hazy. She dances and sings and it makes her feel like she can do anything. She loves the attention. She loves the looks on the surprised audience's faces when they see her and hear her.
When One Direction arrives in New York, Hayden decides to use the mob and herself to show them who runs the city. She and the mob perform 1D's hit songs and even catches the eye of Liam Payne. But how can he catch the attention of a girl with no identity?


4. The Next Attack

     After hours and hours of researching information about the boys, i felt as if I might know them better than they know themselves. I figured out that they had two albums out now. I listened to every song on them both, trying to pick out the next song we should butcher. i had a liking to the song Rock Me. I pushed that one aside though, we could perform that later on maybe.My second choice was Live While We're Young. It was catchy.. and annoying... It had the kind of upbeat tune i could have some fun with and make a good routine to. But where and when could we perform? Their Hotel! We could come down the street and get into the hotel. They'd be dumbfounded. Its Perfect. I made a call to each memeber of the group and let them know about my plan. This attack was going to be better than the first.

     Finding where they were staying was actually a lot easier than i thought it would be. All i had to do was log on to twitter and ask one of those stalker accounts. They were staying at the Hilton.

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