Flash Mobbed (1D fan fic)

Hayden Forge from New York has always been known as the shy quiet girl. But what people don't know about her is that she has a big secret, she the leader of a flash mob. Boom is the most well known and successful flash mob in all of America. They're YouTube sensations and whenever they perform, everyone stops to watch. Of course nobody knows that it's her because she wears a mask, not even the 15 members of the mob know who she really is. Everyone just calls her Hazy. She dances and sings and it makes her feel like she can do anything. She loves the attention. She loves the looks on the surprised audience's faces when they see her and hear her.
When One Direction arrives in New York, Hayden decides to use the mob and herself to show them who runs the city. She and the mob perform 1D's hit songs and even catches the eye of Liam Payne. But how can he catch the attention of a girl with no identity?


1. The Idea

Just another day of listening to her talk about them. It's all she ever talks about. My friend Victoria is madly obsessed with One Direction. She told me all about how she plans to 'accidentally' bump into them on the streets because they are here for the week. I roll my eyes as usual and try my best to ignore her. I have better things to be worrying about anyways. Like my next mob attack. I have to come up with a song selection and a layout of the moves. Then I have to draw a map of the area and plan out the whole thing.

"I mean What Makes You Beautiful is as over played as Call Me Maybe but I mean, like, it's still a really good song." Victoria continued to say.

The idea hit me. How perfect would it be if we performed a One Direction song while they're here in the city. It would be the perfect way to grab their attention and get some more publicity. Maybe Victoria's babbling wasn't so bad after all.

If you don't know who Boom is then you probably don't get out much. Boom is the most well know flash mob groups in all of the United States. You can find them on YouTube, and if you're lucky enough, you could even catch one of their performances. I just happen to be the lead of the group. I plan every performance and sing the lead in everysong.

We perform all over New York. I know that if anybody found out that Hazy from Boom is I, Hayden Forge, they would probably have to be convinced to believe it. I'm not the most outgoing person. I don't talk much. When I perform its like I'm accepted. When I put on my mask and I sing and dance I can be myself, and everybody seems to like me.

Boom has been performing for two years. I started the group when I was a sophomore in high school. Now that I'm a senior, I find it hard to have any time to focus on the group. We haven't performed in almost two months. It's time for our comeback now, and harassing the world's biggest boy band with their own songs seemed like the perfect plan.

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