Flash Mobbed (1D fan fic)

Hayden Forge from New York has always been known as the shy quiet girl. But what people don't know about her is that she has a big secret, she the leader of a flash mob. Boom is the most well known and successful flash mob in all of America. They're YouTube sensations and whenever they perform, everyone stops to watch. Of course nobody knows that it's her because she wears a mask, not even the 15 members of the mob know who she really is. Everyone just calls her Hazy. She dances and sings and it makes her feel like she can do anything. She loves the attention. She loves the looks on the surprised audience's faces when they see her and hear her.
When One Direction arrives in New York, Hayden decides to use the mob and herself to show them who runs the city. She and the mob perform 1D's hit songs and even catches the eye of Liam Payne. But how can he catch the attention of a girl with no identity?


2. The Accident

     The entire walk home I pondered on about the Attack. We most definitely will be performing What Makes You Beautiful, but what are we going to wear? Where should we attack? How is the choreography going to go? When will we perform? With all this on my mind, my head was hung low and i was looking on the ground. I didn't know anyone was in front of me, I fell on top of him.

"I'm so sorry!" I said as a scrambled to my feet. 

"It's okay, don't worry about it. I am perfectly fine." The man I so clumsily fell on top of grabbed his red snap back off of the ground and got back on his feet. He brushed off his pants and then flashed me a smile while looking into my eyes. 

Well I'll be damned, It was Liam. He looked at me as if he were waiting for me to freak out like most girls would have done if they had Liam Payne staring them dead in the eye. But need I remind you, I am not like most girls. I gave him a blank stare and waited for him to take that wide ass grin off of his face. Eventually he did. 

"Are you okay? You must if hit your head real hard." he asked with the grin returning to his lips.

"Why? Because I'm not screaming over the fact that you're Liam Payne? If you want the truth, I truthfully could give less fucks." I said with a tone of nastiness in my voice. 

"I'm sorry to get you all worked up I just figured that you um," Liam's expression softened and yet he kept his eyes locked on me. "that you were a fan. I'm sorry."

 I just made Liam Payne drop his pride, wow. Without saying another word, I smiled and walked off. I could feel his eyes burning holes into my back as he watched me walk away.

     When I arrived home, which didn't take me very long to do, I went right into my room and started planning. we would perform in Times Square of course. Everybody is going to be there, from tourists to businessmen to shoppers. It is the perfect place to set an attack. Nobody would expect a group of dancers to pop up and start singing. I set up a map of  Times Square using Google as a guide and even came up with the dance and costume. I called Spark, a member from Boom and told him that i had everything planned, We would be performing Saturday at Noon when it was most crowded.

"But that only leaves us with two days of practice!" he complained. 

I chuckled, we both knew that it wouldn't be a problem. We've done it all before. All that's left to do is wait and practice. But I couldn't wait. I was too excited.


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