Moments Like This Are Hard To Find(OneDirectionValentinesDayEntry)

In this story, valentines day finds Katy pretty quick, but there's only 1 boy she'd like to kiss at Midnight, in front of the Eiffel tower on Valentines day, Louis Tomlinson... but she wont get that, will she?


1. Moments like this are hard to find (OneDirectionvalentinesdayentry)

Yeah, yeah, Valentine's Day.... another one that's just going to pass on by. I wont even leave the house this time... Louis is my friend in school, but I'm pretty sure he only wants it to stay that way, besides, my friend likes him... and she called "dibs" or something? I'm not sure. But I want this year to be different, I think as I roll over onto my stomach. I'm outside, just sitting in the grass, picking some flowers and hoping tomorrow, Valentines Day, will just pass. I'm wearing my favourite boots, my outside boots. I always loved being in the flowers. They've just started blooming every year, and my mum isnt here to plant them anymore... She was only 50... I let a tear find its way down my cheek, but I quickly wiped it before I tasted it's saltiness. I heard someone running up besides me, and I turned over to see Louis, running towards me. I smiled at him. He just kept jogging towards me, until he finally laid down besides me. He picked a flower and placed it gently in my hair.

"Hey Louis." I said, hiding my face, he doesnt need to see that I've been crying.. But he does anyway..

"Why were you crying? What happened?" I turned to face him, he looked worried.

"Just thinking about my mum, so young. The world is cruel.. I hate it!" I said, another tear rolled down my cheek, I reached up to wipe it away, but Louis got to it first, looking deep into my grey eyes. He smiled and shook his head.

"Dont let it bring you down. Life goes on, and it gets better, I promise." He said. I knew what he'd gone through, our mum's were in the same car when it crashed. They never found the remains, as it fell into a river... they shouldnt have gone. They shouldnt have gone...

"Yeah, I know. You dont let it bother you... anymore." I said, I still remembered when he'd call me up crying so hard that he could barely breathe anymore, he'd missed his mum. And I'd always been there. I'd always invited him over and cried with him, even if I tried to stay strong for him, I would end up crying. He had that effect on me, he has always been my best friend. Too bad my other friend called dibs on him, he's so sweet to me.

"It still bothers me, just I remember that life goes on. And I always hope that it will get better... I can always hope.. But, let's focus on the happy things in life. Like, for instance, Valentines Day! It's tomorrow. And I've always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower with someone special at midnight." He said, yes, we share the same dreams. We made these dreams up when we were 14. And they just always stuck with us... I guess.

"Same here, Lou. Same here." I said, quietly, but he still heard.

"So, I thought I'd maybe, well, take my best friend. She's something special. I think we both need to realise that we have the same dreams. We've done everything together, and this could be something we could do together too. Only if you want.." He said, blushing. I felt as though I'd been punched in the gut. My dream, it's coming true already! And, I'm only 19! I was quick enough to not keep him waiting.

"I'd love to, Louis. I would love to." I smiled at him, and he smiled back. I laughed as he picked another flower, and stuck it in his mouth. He picked another, and gave it to me. Then he stood up, took the flower he gave me, popped the stem off, and put it on the other side of my hair. He helped me to my feet, and grabbed ahold of my waist, pulling me into a hug. I hugged him back, thinking, Jane is going to be SO mad at me. But I dont care, my dreams are coming true, it's not like she was going to be asked...

"May I have this dance, me lady?" Louis asked, trying to sound propper. He failed. But it was nice anyways. I nodded, and he took my hands, we were about to dance, we were in position, when my father called me.

"Katy! Katy! Come on back, now girl! Hanging with those flowers all day wont bring her back." He said the last part quieter, but I still heard. He took the death of my mother hard.... it seemed to have hit him like a ton of bricks, and I felt so bad... he's been on an emotional rollercoaster... and I feel like I'm the closest thing he has left to her. His only daughter, the sons in the family are always lazy and they just about forgot about mum. I turned to Louis, and he smiled nervously.

"Pick you up at 9?" He asked. I blushed and nodded.

"Sounds great." I said, and he wrapped me in a quick hug, and ran back to his house next door. Finally, my dreams. They're complete, and so am I. Maybe this will be the start of something? I ran upstairs, and I helped my father make dinner, then I went to bed. I needed beauty sleep. I woke up at about 12:00. Overslept. I quickly curled my long brown hair into perfect beach curls, which took two hours, then I put on my favourite skinny jeans, off the shoulder cropped shirt and some brown boots. The boots dont go past my ankle bones, but they're stylish. I slipped my head into a beanie, and I grabbed my brown purse, which matched the boots, and it was almost time to leave. The t shirt I'd chosen went right below my second rib, revealing, but cute. And I grabbed a light sweater. Nothing much. Then, I still had about 30 minutes left until 9:00, so I did my makeup. Some mascara, and some lipgloss. Nothing much there either. Louis picked me up, and we went to watch a movie before the Eiffel Tower, we still had a few hours. After the movie, we went straight to the Eiffel Tower. A tour-guide took us up to the top, where there was nobody else, me and Louis were alone.

"Louis, did you do this?" I waved my hand around, his band always gave him plenty of money. I felt bad, I would've helped.. He knew that already..

"Yes. Do you like it?" He asked me, blushing. I smiled at him, and nodded my head really hard, it was beautiful here! The lights, and the view, and just, being alone, with the guy that I've loved forever. It's perfect. We were just staring out at the beautful view, and I felt his arm go around my waist, pulling me closer to him. There was a building with the time on it, right across from here, in our view. Midnight fell quickly. It was finally midnight, and I didnt expect anything special. We'd only come here as friends, that doesnt mean I wasnt wishing that we were more when we leave.... Without warning, Louis turned me towards him, grabbing both of my hands, and I looked deeply into his beautiful eyes. He started to lean towards me, and I leaned in a shut my eyes. I felt his lips on mine, and there was a complete shock of butterflies. I almost fell, weak at the knees. He brought his lips away from mine, ending the shock, leaving the butterflies. He put his head against mine, so our foreheads were together. And the bridges of our noses were together now. 

"Happy Valentine's Day, love. I've always been too nervous to tell you how I feel... but, I love you. I really do, and I have for a long time. I never want to let you slip away, or lose you. Ever. Will you be my girlfriend?" He said, pulling apart from me, grabbing my hands and staring into my eyes. 

"You dont know how long I've waited for those words to come out of your mouth, Louis Tomlinson. Yes, yes I will!" I said, as he pulled me into a hug, burying his head into my neck. He left a trail of kisses up my neck, and our lips met, for the second time that night. The shocking feeling and the butterflies stayed with me the whole night, as we slow danced to a slow song playing in the distance. Our bodies fit together perfectly. My dreams are truly complete now. And I can live happily now.


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