roses and choclates

im writing this to meet the boys <3


3. Valentines day date !

Today was the day me liza liam and harry went on a date and it happens to be valentines  day so I got harry a card. I Wore a red ruffle dress, the top was silk black and then like the skirt part was red ruffles it looked like rosses. Liza wore a pink sparkly dress it was wavy then it had a gold waste band with gold diamonds it was beautiful. My hair was curled and then Lizas was straitened. When Harry and Liam got to my house I couldn't believe it! Harry was wearing a black tux wth a red tie. Lam was wearing a black tux ith a oink tie. I wonder if that's why harry askedme what I was wearing  and same with liza.

"You look Beautiful" harry whispered in my hair and then kissed my cheek.

"so do you" I said to Harry

"Oh I got you a card harry" I said handing him the card.

"Thanks babe I got you something to."


"here " he said he handed me a box of chocolates  in the shape of heart. and a bouquet of rosses. on the chocolates it said be my valentine ? I kissed him on the lips and said yes.

"So does this mean we are dating?" he asked

"sure" I said

"alright lets get going "

"where to?" I asked

"surprise" I frowned and poted but he wouldn't buge it was a short ride but when we got there I screamed it was a fair! the  put your hearts up fair!




"One two three OW your giving me a heart attack getting ove you and OW your giving me a heart attack looking like you do"

"You guys are so weird"

"We know " they said at the same time.

"You guys anna go to the tunel of love?" Harry asked

"sure I said"

" me and liam will just be over here ok?"

"ok I said

me and harry walked in and he put his arm around me and isnufggled up to his chest.

"Your so pretty you know"

" no im not but your so sweet"

"aww im nott that sweet until I do this" he said leaning in to kiss me and I kissed him back wa like kissed throught the whole ride and the lady was telling us to get out of the cart but we didn't want to but eventually we got out. W got cotton candy and and started to look for Liza and Liam we found them on a park bench making out.

"Hey love birds lets go on the fairis wheel"

"Ok " they said as we got up higher harry sqeezed my hand.

"YOu ok babe/" I s=asked

"I just have a fear of hights "

"me to"


"Yeah I don't like spinning rides or roller coasters"

"me either"

"alright Liza Kaitlny get next to each other im gonna take a picture"




"alright whats your twitter names?"

"Mine is @HarryFutureGF Lizas is @Liza_Pellicano "


"woah my phone just got wack with notifictaions"

"Harry ! everyones tweeting me"

"Welcome to the famdom babes"

"Im gonna tweet them back"

"ok" I about tweeted everyone who tweeted me and the I followed them all.

"Ohh lets play some carmival games"

"Ok lets do the hores racing one"

I picked number seven and raced  against Harry but he won And got I small bear  and put it up to my cheek and took a photo and ut it on Twitter @HarryFutureGF I love you beary much.

a\"awww @Harry_Styles I love you beary much to."

"We played basket ball which I scked at so harry but me on his shoulders and told me to shoot so I did I made all the baskets and won a jamacan Banana. Then harry and Liam played by them selfs and I took photos.

I put them on twitter @Harry_Styles and @Real_Liam_Payne playing a round of basket ball.

hharry and liam both won Giant teddy bears and gave them to me and liza.

"aww you guys are so sweet"

"yeah I a nice guy" Liam said putting his arm around liza

"You guys wanna watch the fireworks?'

"sure" I said to liam.

we found a spot in the grass and laid down  we played around and when the fire works started I liad in harrys arms and watched the firewoks. so this is my life now? I thought to my self and lieand my head back and watched the lights dance in the sky.


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