roses and choclates

im writing this to meet the boys <3


1. tissues

Liza's P.O.V


 I woke up to the sound of cries. I quickly walked down the stairs to the second floor where Kaitlyn was sleeping. I saw her huddled in bed.

"Hey Kaitie Kat whats wrong?" I asked her 

"I don't want to talk about it" she said covering her head with the  duvet.

" Is it Jake ?" I asked her. Jake is her boyfriend.

"Yes" I rubbed her back.

"What did he do?" I asked her.

"He dumped me." she said crying. I held her in my arms that dude knows I can hurt him.

"Hey you don't need him he doesn't deserve someone as great as you"

"Really? because he dumped me because of Jessica." she said then she got up and ran out of the house. She always goes to the Airport when she is upset she wants to always fly away from her problems and not face them. But she will come back sooner or later. she always does


Kaitlyn's P.O.V

* earlier that day*

I remembered it clearly. I was wearing a White flowy top amd skinny jeans. I Wore boots. I had smokey eyes done. I also had  light lipstick on. Me and Jake had been dating for 2 years now and then I cought him kissing Jessica! so when he saw me he explained it and I was literaly bout to cry . But I ran away from  him instead. I went to the Flat and grabbed a knife and started to cut my arm and then it went black.

*present time*

I can not believe he would dump me for Jessica I mean she is a slut. I use to be friends with her until last year. But now she is just so annoying she has dated 3 of my ex boyfriend and now Jake! make that 4 ex boyfriends.

I ran out of the house and went to Starbucks and grabbed some hot chocolate. I love hot chocolate. I went to the airport and just sat by the window  watching all the planes take off. I wish I was on one of those planes go any where I want. I stared out the window as someone came up and sat next to me.  I ignored the person and just started out the window. I was zoning off when I got a call it was Jake.

"Hello?" I asked

"Hi oh thank God you answered listen I want you back"

"Jake you dumped me for my worst enemy. And now you want me back I don't think so"

"Listen I made a stupid mistake"

"Yeah so did I. my mistake was ever meeting you. And let me guess Jessica was dating Austin wasn't she?"

"WOW! your mean. an yes she is."

"Listen I am not that smart but I am smart enough to know all you want is to have sex so sorry no"

"you can go die in hole you filthy slut!"

 "what ever" I said as I hung up the phone.

I started to cry I cant believe he called me a slut! Out of all people he called me a slut. I kept crying not caring who stared at me. Then the stranger scooted over next to me.

"Tissue?" he said

"Excuse me ?"

"do you want a tissue?" he asked

"sure thanks."

"welcome." The stranger said

"Im harry." he said

"Im Kaitlyn"

"Nice to meet you"

"You two"

"Where are you going?" he asked me. should I tell him where I was going or should I just tell him why im here. I'll just tell him. I explained to him everything and how I came here. he seemed to be really  into it. Like he knows exactly how I feel.


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