roses and choclates

im writing this to meet the boys <3


4. noticing the pain

While we were watching the fireworks Harry kept rubbing my arm the one I had cut. I kept squinting  at the pain of it hoping he didn't notice. Liza and Liam left to go home and me and Harry stayed. after the fireworks we decided to get some ice cream at the fair. Of Corse it was my favorite of all time Cold Stones. I got the same as I did when I was a little kid cotton candy mixed with white chocolate chips. As for Harry he got Choclate brownie fudge sundae. chocolate was apparently a thing for him. I rolled my sleaves up so I wouldn't get my new  lace shirt dirty. Big mistake.  he kept staring at me for some reason but then I remembered my scar!

"What happened there?" he asked I knew I had to tell him the truth.

"Listen... when my ex boyfriend Jake cheated on my I was devastated I mean Jessica and I use to be friends but when I w\saw them kiss I was mad. like litterley bonkers. I ran home and I had a diccisoin either have my heart bleed or my arm. so I choose my arm. I took a knife and started to cut it open then I passed out when I woke up I was still bleading and then I  cleand up and  act like nothing happened."

"You listen to me" e said as his voice got higher

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