roses and choclates

im writing this to meet the boys <3


2. Hello and goodbye.

I really liked this boy. He was so sweet and caring I haven't felt that in a long time. His eyes were hazel green. He had amazing Brown curly hair. A cute smile. And a great heart. I loved his necklace it was a paper plane.

"hey harry where did you get that necklace?"

"Oh this One um I don't know."

"Oh well its really cool"



"You know what you can have it"

"What no I couldn't "

"Just take it:

"Fine" I said then he  lifted my hair up and put it around my neck.

"Its really pretty."

"Thank you. Now you can fly wherever you want without going anywhere."

"That's really great."

"Hey my flight just got called but can I have your number?"

"Sure" I give him my number and I walked away/

To: Harry :p - Hey

from: Harry :p - hey miss  you already

To:Harry:p - miss you to lol

from : harry :p listen I come back to Las Vegas  in a month wanna hang out?

To: Harry :p - sure but can my friend come along she is really fun?

From: Harry :p - sure babe my friend Liam is coming so we can all hang out.

To: Harry :p - k gtg byeee :)

From: Harry :p - byeeee babe :)

after harry and I texted I went home and told Liza then she freaked out when she saw the necklace.

"Do you know whos necklace that is?" she asked

"umm no whos is it?" she basicly screame din my ear!

"Its Harry styles's Necklace. You know the guy from One Direction"

"Ok Liza I know you love One direction but I seriously doubt....... HOLY SHIT THATS HIM!" she showed me a photo at the airport thismorning with me and I freaked!

"Texted him right now!"


To:Harry :p - Hey are you in a band called One Direction?

From Harry :p - Yeah. Listen im sorry I didn't tell you pleaae don't hate me.

To: Harry :p how could I hate you I just found out

From: Harry :P - ok hey listen I don't want to sound to forward but do yo and lza wanna go out on a double date with ma and liam?

"Hey Liza do you know a Liam?

"ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" she screamed

"im gonna take that as a yes"

"Yes he is my favorite member of 1D!!!!!!!!"


To: Harry :p - yeah sounds great see you babe

"Ok Liza don't freak but you and me are going on a date with Harry and Liam "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

she screamed so lous that the fucking neighbors came to our house.

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