Veronica Roth created 5 wonderful things, the factions we know today! Whether you are Erudite, (The Intellingent) Candor, (The Honest) Dauntless, (The Brave) Amity, (The Peaceful) or Abnegation, (The Helpful/Selfless) Some poems about these 5 factions, and what they stand for!


7. Divergent

Maybe you are more than one
Multiple factions look like fun
You are partially Candor, but you sometimes lie
You can be Abnegation, but selfish at times
You might be Erudite, but not know a fact
You may have some Amity, but know battle tact
You mainly are Dauntless, but have a lot of fear
Your faction decision is not clear
Don't fret, there are more like you
In real life, this is very true
No one is truly one faction alone
Each of us fit more than one zone
We are the Divergent, the different, the diverse
Not just one faction fits in our purse
So pick 1, 2, or even your top 3
Those are the factions you can mainly be
Although most people have one promiment faction
You can choose more than one if that is your first reaction
So pick and choose, your factions can be convergent
For in reality, we all are Divergent
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