Veronica Roth created 5 wonderful things, the factions we know today! Whether you are Erudite, (The Intellingent) Candor, (The Honest) Dauntless, (The Brave) Amity, (The Peaceful) or Abnegation, (The Helpful/Selfless) Some poems about these 5 factions, and what they stand for!


4. Dauntless

Welcome to Dauntless, were the brave and daring are
We are the fighters and the most courageous by far
In our eyes, cowardice and fear will cause human's downfall
That is why we are the fighters, the bravest of them all
We wear black to show our daring, and orange to show our fire
If you call us cowards, we'll call you a liar
If you are daring and brave, and to do harrowing tasks,
Then choose Dauntless, you'll love it here, that is what we ask

Known Dauntless:
Ashely Silvhardt (1st)
Country <3 (1st)

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