Veronica Roth created 5 wonderful things, the factions we know today! Whether you are Erudite, (The Intellingent) Candor, (The Honest) Dauntless, (The Brave) Amity, (The Peaceful) or Abnegation, (The Helpful/Selfless) Some poems about these 5 factions, and what they stand for!


3. Candor

We Candor seek the truth in everything we do
We will never tell a lie, we're honest through and through
Duplicity and dishonesty will destroy the human race
Trust is our most valued thing, it's as fragile as a vase
The truth is just black and white, so that is what we wear
When we hold a trial, we're unbiased and fair
If you want to be surrounded by complete honesty
Make joining our faction, your great action, you'll love it, you see!

Known Candors:
Sixth Legion Victrix (2nd)
Pink Gummie Bear (1st)
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