Veronica Roth created 5 wonderful things, the factions we know today! Whether you are Erudite, (The Intellingent) Candor, (The Honest) Dauntless, (The Brave) Amity, (The Peaceful) or Abnegation, (The Helpful/Selfless) Some poems about these 5 factions, and what they stand for!


6. Abnegation

In Abnegation, us selfless dwell, helping all the time
In our faction, being greedy or vain is practically a crime
We believe the human's end will because if selfishness and greed
Helping out others is a very noble deed
We wear gray and plain clothes so to not draw attention
We live very simple lives, nothing extravagant is mentioned
If you love helping others, and want to live a simple life
Then join with is to help out make us prosper and thrive!

Known Abnegations:
Musical Megster (1st)

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