With Your Love

Kristen Blank is your average 16 year old. She just broke up with her boyfriend and doesn't know what to do. One of her best friends is flirting with him and her other gets abused by her dad. Can anything good happen for once? She doesn't want to get close to anyone since every time she does, they leave. That is until she meets Liam Payne. At first, they're just friends but will that change and will Kristen finally let someone in? ( this is my first movella)


3. New Students

                                                                        ~Chapter 3~

                                                                 -----Louis's POV:-----

"We are about 10 minutes from the Philadelphia airport. It's about 51 degrees and sunny. Thank you for flying with us today on British airways and have a nice day," thee pilot says.

I get butterflies in my stomach, just thinking about actually living in the U.S. When we land,  all of us practically run off the plane. I start jumping around like some idiot. People begin to stare , but we all just crack up. We get in the rental car, Liam driving and me in the passenger, giving directions. Everything is so different driving on the right side of the road. After about an hour, we finally reach the house. It's huge!!!

                                                                -----Harry's POV:-----

Talk about a big house. This place was big enough to be a hotel! We unpack the car the car and pick our rooms. I settle for a room with a bathroom and a huge walk in closet. It's perfect and has great view of a meadow out the window. All of our furniture was dropped off yesterday and the arrangement wasn't too bad. Everything seems so different, like a museum where you can't touch anything, even though it's my house. I was just about to lay down for a nap when Niall called upstairs, asking if I wanted to go to McDonald's. I may be tired but there is no way I'm turning down food.

"Sure, I'll be right down!" I yell, changing into sweatpants and a beanie, before running downstairs to meet them. Everyone was waiting for me in the kitchen by the time I get down. We all piled into the car and drove to McDonald's.There's nothing better than the taste of fast food after being on a plane for 16 hours. I already feel like I'm going to love living here even though I'll miss my family. I have the boys here for me. We sit down in one of the big booths while Liam goes to order the food.

                                                               -----Liam's POV:-----

When we got to the house, I called my mom to tell her we got her safely. She started talking about ours plans. We would start school on Monday so we had a few days to settle in. She also arranged for riding lessons at a place called Cando Farm. I was so happy. I'm one of the few guys that actually enjoy riding horses. It's not something that many people think is cool, so I've been bullied for it. My old girlfriend brokeup with me when she found out. I don't get it at all, but hopefully it'll be better here. After I hung up, I layed down to rest for a little and think, when Niall called me.

"Hey Liam! Want to come to McDonald's with me and the boys?" he asked.

"Yeah! I'll be right down," I say getting up and stretching. Sleep will have to wait a little. I ran downstairs to meet everyone. We waited for Harry, then got in the car and drove to McDonald's. When we got there, I offered to get the food while they sat down. When I sat down, Niall was talking about school on Monday.

"Is anyone else nervous about startiing at a new school? I mean, we dont know anyone," he said.

"I'm sure we'll do fine," Zayn says,  laughing," it's not like we've never been to school or are total nerds."

"But still, it's a new country and new people," he says. I have to agree with him on that, but how bad could it be?

"Niall, stop worrying! We'll be fine!" Louis yells," dont' make it any worse by thinking that."

"That's true, you're getting it in your head that it's going to be bad," Zayn said.

"Maybe," he said. I could tell he still wasn't convinced, but didn't want to argue anymore. Maybe I'll talk to him later. We left when we finished eating, Niall of course brought some to go. When we got home, I passed out. It was a long day and I had riding tomorrow. I'm so excited!

                                                           -----Kristen's POV-----

The next morning, I wake up and start getting ready for riding. The barn is the one place that I can relax and forget about my problems. When I get there, I see a tall boy with light brown hair that I've never seen before  standing just inside the entrance. Irene calls me over and introduces me to the boy.

"Kristen, this is Liam. Liam, this is Kristen. Would you mind showing Liam around a little? He just moved here from England and I thought you would want to help."

"Hey, and sure " I say, looking into Liam's chocolate brown eyes for the first time. Not many boys like riding, so when someone does come, it's exciting.

"You ready for your grand tour of this barn?" I ask. I'm usually pretty shy around people I just met, but for some reason I felt comfortable with Liam.

"Yeah," he replies, a little shyly. "We'll then let's go, " I say, taking his arm and leading him up to the tack room to get everything together for our lesson.

" I think you're riding Peepers," I say, grabbing the bridle and letting him pick out his own saddle, "ever ridden?"

"Yeah, back in England, I used to ride all the time," he replied, blushing a little.

"Yeah. Did you move here alone? Or did you come with someone?" I ask, feeling bad about asking so many questions. I could tell he was uncomfortable by the way he kept glancing at the ground and blushing.

"I moved here with my four best friends. My mom set up riding lessons for me and we start school on Monday," he says.

"Oh really? At CB South?" I ask, guessing he was in high school.

"Yeah. Know anybody who goes there?" he asks, a little more boldly.

"Sure do. My friends and I go there. What grade?"

"11th. What about you?"

"Same. Well, you'll know someone at least," I say, since I can tell he's a little nervous about it.

 "Yeah, that's a relief," he said, laughing. I could already tell that we were going to be friends. He's so nice. Then I remembered that he said him and his friends were from England and wondered if they were who Erin mentioned.

"You said you guys moved here from England?" I asked. I've always wanted to live there. It seemed so cool.

"Yeah, except for Niall. He's the Irish one. You'll have to meet them sometime."

"I'd love to," I replied, smiling at the thought, then adding "you have to meet Gabby and Erin too. They're my best friends. I'm sure they'd love you."

We talked for a little longer before getting tacked up. After our lesson, we gave each other our numbers to text each other. I have to admit, he's a really good rider and pretty cute. Hopefully we can talk soon. Right before I left, he called my name.

"Hey Kristen, are you doing anything tonight?" he asked, a little nervously.

"No, why?" I asked, interested.

"Would you want to go out somewhere tonight. You could meet the boys and I could meet your friends," he said.

"Sure. I'll text you," I say, smiling to myself as I turned around.

"Ok, see you then," he said. I could tell he was smiling. This will be really fun and I already can't wait.

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